November Pep-talk #1: Why this month is VITAL for you!

A quick story to remind you why November (and our November Numerology Challenge) is important in your life! 
“If you’re not taking a risk for what you do want, then you sure as hell are taking a risk for what you DON’T want.”

P.S.  Here is Episode 63 > The Full length November Numerology Forecast 


The November 5-Risks-For-Your-Dream Challenge:

Step 1) Choose one thing you are wanting. Dream body, income, promotion, writing a book, landing a new job, dream relationship, etc. Write it down.

Step 2) Write down 5 ways that you can take a small risk or get outside your comfort zone for that desire this month.

Step 3) Put those 5 small risks in your calendar as tasks and schedule them in. You can do one a week – with one week having two risks penned in!

Step 4) Then go with the flow. Let the Universe/The Zero Point Field deliver next-level opportunities to you.

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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


14 comments to " November Pep-talk #1: Why this month is VITAL for you! "

  • Poppy

    This was so good.. as always I feel like a kid on Christmas opening a gift when I see a podcast from you. This really helps bc I’ve felt so stuck… like I can’t even decide what I want, who I want to be and the kicker is that I know when and if I do it will happen.. it’s like choice overload… which makes me super overwhelmed to be honest. So yeah… the November challenge guidelines help simplify and guide me in my dilemma to a degree.. thank you ????. This big ole world and to think we can Do Be and Have whatever we want is daunting Nat. But what’s even more daunting is Staying Stuck in my current reality… it’s safe and predictable.. from my job to my 2 block walk home daily… no romantic partner which is safe and predictable too… all that to say… I gotta shake shit up… I’m a 3 life path/ 3 expression / 4 souls urge and its conflicting … I’m so annoyed at myself… I live in a 14/5 building and a 13/4 apt… my whole Life and surroundings are yelling at me to be grounded organized but still Live as adventure is calling… spontaneity is beckoning me … I’m always at work.. and when I’m not I’m tipsy off wine to calm the anxiety and mental chatty of everyone’s problems and demands on me from the week or day at hand.. ok…. so that’s that… this is such a brain dump right now… I feel like I want to really pinpoint How I Want To feel more than the things I want.. does that makes sense? I’m feeling kinda caged right now. Lastly.. on a High Note… we spent Halloween with sienna’s ( my 7 year olds Demanding and conspiring with a classmate) school mates. It was pumpkin carving and chilli feast with lots of wine…It’s this group of mixed interracial couples and me.. single gal.. their sense of community and warmth blew me away… two connecting subdivision communities of trick or treating.. a few more school mates I didn’t know lived in the neighborhood…adults walking with yeti’s full of fermented grape juice?.. it’s freezing in atlanta… they all have a rapport with one another but somehow I didn’t feel like an outsider.. I actually never do in any circumstances.. it’s a weird super power I tap into. Ok, I shared this to say last night helped me sure up some new desires… oh and go figure the host lives in a house totaling a number 6… none of us wanted to leave… to sum it up.. Nat I have to say I appreciate you for holding our hands this Month.. I can Feel the shift swirling… (( THANK YOU))

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      These are AMAZING breakthroughs, girl!!! And I FEEL you on getting clear on what we want. That’s a HUGE part in manifestation, and it isn’t easy! My hope is that with this work, it can be fun.

  • Katie

    I’m a 9 Expression Number, and I am just like your dad. Age is nothing to me, and I fear nothing. People try and tell me how “old” I’m getting at 37, and all I do is laugh. Bring on 40 and bring on this challenge!

  • Elly

    When i think of your dad, i think of me saying sonething ridulous, him chuckling and kinda blinking and shaking his head, followed by a hilarious quipet of wisdom to set me straight. I adore all your stories. I Love your truth.

  • Gary

    Apparently, I’ve decided to take 1 big challenge instead of a few smaller ones. lol Getting back from the bank (in order to pursue the big risk) I noted my miles for taxes and had to laugh: 116,611. I see my birthday most often, but lately I’ve been seeing 11s a lot, more often double 11s. The crazy “lol” was when I walked through a store a while back. I passed by all the clock radios, on the outside of these boxes in the whole row was my birth time – and it isn’t a simple kind of thing like 10:30 or something like that. I really did stop and laughed out loud.

  • dora pecoraro

    When I heard you talk about the real meaning of repeating numbers, it gave me chills. I always feel protected when the universe gives me numbers. The first number I started receiving years ago was 711. After that, I began seeing 1010, 1212, 111, 1111, 555, 222, 333, I’ve been going through a very difficult period in my life but I also feel I am growing in faith every day and something beautiful is about to happen, I’m thankful and feel special that I have the privilege of experiencing this gift.

  • Lorrayne May Robbinz

    Hi Nat

    I love listening to you…you always seem to be giving me confirmation for my life even if you’re talking to others…especially lately!

    I’ve been doing some heavy ‘clearing’ work this last month and I’ve been seeing repeated number, specifically 11.11 and a few certain things have happened that I’d like to know the meaning of…

    About a month ago I was driving along all the high-rises along the beach, commenting that the only way you have privacy at the beach is if you lived in a penthouse, then all of a sudden a Christmas Beetle flew into my car window. It shocked and scared me at first! The very next day I was driving in the same area and my passenger commented that he saw a direction sign for an Art Union Prize (including a Penthouse!). We followed the signs and visited the building…we realized its a penthouse and a block of units and it is drawn on 24 December 2019, two days after my birthday (22-12-1953…Lifepath #7) and one day before Christmas! After the hostess telling us we were lucky to see the signs that day because it was their first day opened, I had the shakes and goose-bumps all over and felt sooo excited inside I had to buy a ticket didn’t I??? Since then I have had recalls of several things that had been happening before and after that…one of the things was I didn’t usually travel along that road, except for these two days in a row…first day was the Christmas Beetle incident as I was mentioning Penthouses, second day the signage and visit to the Prize Home happening to be opened for inspection that very day, and both days at the same time around the 11.11 mark…also since that day whenever the 11.11 shows up there’s something that happens at that exact time to give me the chills, shakes, goose-bumps and excitement with butterflies and Christmas beetles in my stomach. My big question is…am I putting too much into all these weird and wonderful things happening to make me think I could actually win this??? Another weird thing is that I’ve been actually working on my belief in myself , about my worth, about my blockages about abundance and prosperity, so that I can help other people more to reach their full potential like I’d like to and be able to find my own purpose in life and have the freedom to do it all?????? Any insight will be of great advantage! Thanking you in advance!

  • Lorrayne May Robbinz

    Hi Nat
    It’s Lorrayne again!
    I thought perhaps another significant point to all this is the fact that after quite a number of years I have been living under the poverty level, having to stay with friends and/or relatives because of being stressed out to the max about no work, savings gone and my ill-health of not being able to work, I’d decided to try and do something about it with having the opportunity to rest and chill for a bit to give me the chance to recover, with a little bit of self-help therapy beginning with writing a book about my life in an attempt to rid myself of some demons and sickness that way too!
    I’m telling you this part too, because possibly I’m looking way too much into this trying to self-saboutage myself once again falling into old habits, instead of hoping my new habits are finally working, or is it all just plain old ‘wishful thinking’!
    Like I said before…any insight will be more than welcome and perhaps calm me down enough so I can just BE an ALLOW!?!

  • Lorrayne May Robbinz

    Hi Nat

    Thanking you once again in advance…
    I’m not sure what I’d do without you really…I found you just when I was feeling a little disenchanted about trying to help people with numerology because I was beginning to feel even more different and stranger than everyone else because of it, and yet I thought it had been helping me sooo much…
    I would love one day to have as much faith and belief in the numbers as you do to be able to spread the word, especially to young kids to help them continue to keep in touch with their true authentic selves and not lose themselves like a lot of us have done and have had to work so hard to find ourselves again!
    You are my grounding force to stay with it, so thank you so much for that…very much appreciated!
    Love and Gratitude

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