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Your Spiritual Coach, NUMEROLOGIST & manifestation bestie

I’m Nat Olson and I OBSESSED with helping kind-hearted, purpose-driven professionals bring more light, wealth and impact into their world.

Using my create-your-own-magic framework, I help clients tap into their divine gifts and calling, trust what is really on their heart and become a rock-star co-creator with the Universe, so they can finally get paid to be who they REALLY are and pivot to a new era in their professional lives.


It’s not about predicting your future, it’s about
intentionally creating it.


  • At a ceiling of success in your current business/company/career, no matter how hard you try?
  • Drawn to share an against-the-grain message or idea (that’s so freakin different from everything in your industry)… but you wonder if you’re crazy?
  • Called to be more, do more, or have more but don’t know how to make it happen and worry that you are being ungrateful?
  • Afraid that if you followed your dreams, you would compromise your lifestyle or livelihood? 
  • And confused on what pivot to make, to manifest a professional life that’s finally true-to-you and makes the impact you want to make?
You’re not crazy.  All of this is coded in your spiritual DNA.
The MAGICAL Framework to tap into next-level, christmas-morning-exciting success:

Book an intro session now so you can finally unearth the way to your own glorious, next-level life (where you get paid to be you, where you get to share what you are really passionate about, where you get to craft a lifestyle that puts you at your best…)

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