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Want to know why high-performing, making-waves CEO’s, best-selling authors and celebrity clients work with me?

I am doing the work – and living a life – that I love. Every morning feels like Christmas morning to me.

And I believe you were designed for this, too.

My story

Searching for clarity, magic and success

I’ve been searching for myself and my Creator my whole life.

In Catholic School, I was taught that God listens to our prayers. So I went home and prayed on my knees at my bedside, begging for him to talk to me. Silence.

I went to a Buddhist Monastery for summer school where I sat, learned to meditate, listened to the gongs, smelled the wafts of Nag Champa and aptly waited for the void to give me something. Anything.

I decided that maybe I would find myself and where I came from if I became an astronaut and touched the stars. So I passed ground school at 13 and started training to be a pilot.

When it came time for college, the only thing that made sense to me was to major in Religious Studies and Philosophy. Maybe the Creator could finally be found in books. Maybe there were clues about me and the Universe, woven in the stage-plays of tradition and belief.

I struggled wildly through this journey. I was crippled with anxiety as a child, enmeshed in drug addiction as a teenager, overweight, insecure, lost, giving myself and my power away to anyone who wanted it.

Eventually I gave up and decided that my power must lay in the physical world alone. I got a degree in Nutrition Education, started my own private practice, and became obsessed with health and wellness. I ate an immaculate diet and worked out like an athlete, trying to gain dominion over this physical world – because I thought that maybe that is where my power and impact could be found.

Ironically, at the healthiest that I had ever been in my whole life, in my early twenties, I got sick. Bed-ridden sick. And the doctors said that I would probably never get better.

It was here that I had my spiritual awakening.

The BEST stuff of the physical world, including experts and professionals, couldn’t make me any better so I was forced to look behind curtains, through windows and into realms – spiritual realms – that I didn’t even remember or know were there.

And my life changed forever.

Why Numerology?

There was this old box of books that I had stored away when I was a teenager. At the top was a Numerology book by Mathew Goodwin, an MIT mathematician and just for fun, I read it.

When I crunched my numbers… I felt what I had been searching for my whole life.

I felt what, as a child, I tried to feel when I was praying and meditating.

I found what, as a teenager, I had tried to reach out and touch as I was flying.

And I experienced what I think the mystics had talked about.

I rubbed shoulders with that intelligent energy behind existence.

I learned that I was an 8 Life Path in Numerology and it gave me chills… because the 8? It was a number that I was obsessed with when I was younger. I used to scribble it on my notebooks in elementary school. I even remember this snapshot moment when Mrs. Howlett wrote the number 8 on the chalkboard. I couldn’t stop staring at it. How did I know?

When I studied what the 8 represents as a symbol (and what it said about me and my purpose) I was drawn to tears. At that moment I knew exactly why I was sick. I wasn’t being the person that my Creator designed me to be.

I applied the wisdom of my numbers and I got better when no one said I would.

And when I crunched the numbers of my friends and family? The coincidences were unreal and impossible to ignore.

My father – A double 9 Humanitarian? Goosebumps. He had been a political and peace activist my whole life, dragging me out to protests as a teenager.

My sister – a double 6 Caregiver? Of course! She is the hub, the center, the provider of her family. Sacrificing anything and everything for those she loves.

Every boss I ever had was a 7. And all my girlfriends at the time were 5s. WHAT?

These synchronicities, these numbers, these patterns, were the fingerprints of God; the fingerprints of a divine intelligence behind existence. And they were leading me back, like breadcrumbs, to our purpose, our calling and our co-creative power.

My clients, loved ones and friends were receiving more clarity from learning about their numbers than they had received from decades of self-exploration, and I was hooked.

Decoding our numbers is like unrolling a love note from our Creator, reminding us of how valuable, needed and capable we truly are.

But Numerology alone didn’t change my life. It would be another 10 years – and hundreds of clients and thousands of hours of research and coaching – before I was able to figure out the missing puzzle pieces in crafting ALIGNED success and what it takes to manifest a truly enchanting life.

Work With Me

Why the create-your-own-magic framework?

As I was paying off my nutrition tuition, I was also a ‘spiritual bartender’ (on and off for 7 years!). I interacted with (& supported & counseled) seekers of all kinds, as I worked behind the counter of a metaphysical bookstore/crystal shop in the spiritual mecca of Mt. Shasta, California.

I saw firsthand the beauty of the human soul and its quest to know itself and its Universe.

I met deep, curious, open-minded humans who wanted to see beyond the surface of life.

I had crazy conversations with UFO experts, spiritual gurus, Tibetan monks, workshop leaders and best selling spiritual authors.

AND I also experienced some of the dark stuff. I saw people argue in the aisles over which way the chakras spin, use their spirit guides to get me to lower prices… and attempt to use their ‘psychic’ abilities to go on a date with me.

Sidenote: This is why you might meet people who know their numbers, their sign, or their enneagram type by heart and IN DEPTH… but you wouldn’t want to emulate their lives in any way. (And this is also why the new age has such a bad rap – for good reason!)

Because the most fundamental pieces in creating true, glorious success are missing.

I learned really fast that there are THREE components to creating aligned, blissful impact and if just one of them is missing, you will not reach the height, depth and breadth of what you are here to do and who you are here to be, and man…

It will be so much harder to create the life you really want…

My numbers helped guide me back to clarity on who I am and why I am here, so I didn’t conform anymore or try to fit into the box of what other people wanted me to be.

But my inner wisdom led me to the best, most blissful expressions of how that might look (which no psychic, expert or teacher ever had access to).

And my relationship to what I call the Zero (and what you might call God/the Universe) is what lovingly resourced and guided me with miracles, opportunities and unexplainable boons every step of the way.

THESE THREE THINGS combined finally enabled me to go from a struggle-bus-life to:

  • Transitioning successfully from being a Nutritionist to being a spiritual coach (when I was told I would starve if I did)
  • Getting paid to write about the mysticism of numbers and to film a program about them in L.A. when I was 3 months pregnant!
  • Working with and attracting soul-mate clients who are sweet, kind, and truly coming-from-their-heart
  • Being in my late 30’s, falling in love and finally manifesting my soul-mate husband (and two daughters that I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF)
  • Living a dream lifestyle where I have Christmas-morning excitement to go to work (in a job that I INVENTED), and then go to the gym, rock climb, write poetry and read the mystics in the coffee shop and play with my family
  • Making 6 figures a year, getting paid to be me and do what I love
  • AND ALL OF THIS while also not being perfect, still being messy, still being human… (because all that matters is that we share our gifts and follow our calling!)

Discover the 7th Floor

I have made it my mission to decode the unique algorithm of you, to trust the sanctity of your inner wisdom and to be the rare spiritual bestie you’ve been praying for, so you can create success on your terms.

If my story hit home, if you feel like this speaks to you, book a session and dive into your magic with me. This isn’t entertainment. This isn’t a fun hat trick for a party. This work can transform your life.

You are precious, unique and powerful, and there is an energy in this Universe supporting you.

What makes me different

I am not into one-night stands. I never have been. I do not do single sessions or one-offs (other than the intro so you can get to know the work!). I have structured my business around long-term, intimate relationships (where the transformation is!) so I can get to know you, your patterns, your wisdoms, and the crafty ways you hold back or sabotage yourself.

I do not fit in with the new age crowd. I am not into channeling or chanting or going to ashrams (although those things are super cool, just not a focus of mine!). I wear leggings and tee shirts. I rock climb and weight lift. I cuss and have a wicked sense of humor. Gee whiz I even like shooting.

I do not fit in with the life coach crowd/psychology crowd either (although I LOVE them!)… because spirituality is such a key component to my work. I believe there is a luminous magic behind-the-scenes responding to us and we can manifest so much faster if we know this and become best friends with it.

I do not predict people’s future. I help them create it. After over 2 decades in the spiritual world, I have learned that there are 3 things that truly create next-level magic and success for clients: their numbers, their inner wisdom and leveraging their relationship to the zero/source/God. That is my signature formula – and without each of those pieces people suffer, struggle and give their power away.

Professional bio

Nat Olson is a Spiritual Coach & Numerologist who helps heart-centered, wanting-to-make-waves thought leaders and professionals elevate their impact through the power of their numbers, their inner wisdom and their Creator. She helps them step into who they really are and share what is really on their heart so they can craft the life, legacy and career they were designed for.

For over a decade, Nat has been coaching individuals in her private practice. She has become the secret weapon for best-selling authors, Wall-street financiers and CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies. She has made it her mission to help sweet, kind-hearted, purpose-driven souls tap into their own personal power, so they bring their true, rare sparkle into the world. If you want a spiritual bestie at your side, as you craft success on your terms, click here to learn more about how to work with her.

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