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Welcome to the 7th Floor, where we elevate our lives with the help of our numbers/superpowers and the zero/the Universe.

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This is the work & this is the magic.

If you want the extra support and magic of a spiritual bestie, beyond the free monthly guides on the Numerology Chick Podcast, the 7th floor is for you.

Even if you never invest in coaching, books or courses,
the deep dives we do here can enchant your life.

What You Get

Magical Bonus Episode

Every month this year I will be uploading a bonus audio episode on the 7th floor that is specifically designed to take the work that we are doing on the Numerology Chick Podcast deeper.

Sometimes, I answer questions from listeners on their most pressing issues and challenges.

Or… I dive into the most common blocks that clients have, in reaching their next level.

Or… I dive into the magic of the zero/the Universe and how to become best friend’s with it, to manifest what is on our hearts, into our lives.

Recent Special Episodes

March on the 7th Floor

Catalyze new levels of magic and spiritual support with this ONE NEW THOUGHT

THIS month – we are catalyzing a new spiritual life (and new beginnings) with the ancient power of the 1; the number of individuality and autonomy. ⁠

“I am going to invent my own blissful way.”⁠

Do you have a stop-and-go spiritual practice and have a hard time staying consistent?⁠

Are you ready to have a blissful new beginning but need help, guidance and supernatural support?⁠

Then this episode is for you!⁠

(AND this month you are also going to receive the VIDEO version of the workshop ‘How to Craft Your Own Miracle-Producing Spiritual Practice.’ I can’t wait to share it with you!)⁠

April on the 7th floor

Spiritual Leadership: New Beliefs & Real-life Scripts

THIS month – we are tapping into our own spiritual leadership (and overcoming the dream-sucking dynamics of people-pleasing and convincing) so we can reach new heights. ⁠

I am going to cover:⁠

How the lower function of the number 2 not only halts your own success, but how it is actually creating war and division in our society…⁠

How the backlash I received for my latest podcast episode is actually a great example of what this 7 Universal Year is all about (and how I am modeling spiritual leadership in my business)…⁠

The fundamental premise we must operate from, if we want to be spiritual leaders who go our own way and create a life that is true to us…⁠

And my favorite scripts that I have used with my loved ones, to be a woman who walks with faith and to be a spiritual leader going my own way… even if other’s don’t understand. ⁠

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As a member of the 7th floor, you pay $5/month on Patreon, and will receive the bonus audio by the 15th of every month (although it may be ready sooner), to accompany the monthly free podcast episode.

If you decide to join me, welcome. There is a power within you greater than you can imagine, and a cosmic best friend at your side.

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