How to share your against the grain self or idea with the world (even if you feel scared and alone)

It is time to come out of hiding, and share that unique message, calling or quality that you have been kissed with.

In this episode I am going to cover:

  • The two spiritual shifts you need to make to find creative courage and confidence 
  • The most common block, that prevents clients from succeeding in sharing their truth and being embraced for doing so
  • And a journal exercise to bust through these blocks now!

I am also going to be specifically talking about the 3 and the 7 in this episode, so if you have either of these numbers in your Numerology chart, it might hit you extra hard. 😉

Notes from the episode:

“I’m sorry you couldn’t find me. I have been in the woods. I put myself there because I couldn’t be good. I have been running with foxes and running with crows and I have found myself a home where no one goes.” – Florence Welch, from Useless Magic: Lyrics and Poetry

The two spiritual shifts to more easily share your against-the-grain idea, message or self

  1. What you have been kissed with, is divine. It is not yours. This desire or idea or essence… is an intelligent response to what is lacking.
  2. The desire is there because there is a need, there is a market, there is an audience.

The most common block (that perpetuates a cycle of fear and isolation):

Wanting to convince, to convert, to get them on board with this against-the-grain thing BEFORE you can share it, express it and embody it. 

A journaling (and mindset) exercise to neutralize the above block – and be cherished and supported for this next unique thing:

Prompt #1) What do you love, that is like starlight to your bones?

Prompt #2) What is the inspiring truth, message, vision or essence that you want to share? 

Every time you feel like you need to get external approval before you can share, check in with one of these questions. It will change the game. Truly.

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8 comments to " How to share your against the grain self or idea with the world (even if you feel scared and alone) "

  • Elly

    I can’t even explain how this touches me.
    Recently I took over a shed on our property and I call it the witches cottage. I spend so long arranging it with my girly things(cause I live with 4 guys lol) decorating, imagining. Before I knew it I was painting an energy flow around the walls. I was creating and suddenly I felt like I was a little girl playing in my bedroom. I realized this cottage was my heart. As I was painting I felt exactly what you described, I was just painting what was there already. I feel like the cottage can hold me.
    As a recovering codependent, I am trying so hard to focus on what I like just for me. How to parent myself. How to be Moana’s Grandma for myself! Realizing I can’t save my parents, only myself has been so hard. I isolate, I”m scared people won’t like me. This episode touches me so, as I am a 3, my mom a 7. And I am practicing not dimming my accomplishments which offend her and enjoying my rich life even though she didn’t enjoy hers. I realized through counseling that I feel like I am abandoning her!(Even though she did drugs with me and discouraged me from college lol) I can’t believe it took me so long. So funny, giving myself permission, filling my own sails. and liking it(trying not to feel shame ahhhh)
    Thank you so much for putting this out into the air, as usual I feel completely nourished by your work. You are such a magical person

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Ohhhh girl. I am so grateful for this comment, because I (and sooo many of the precious, powerful women I know) struggle with this, too. It is freakin hard to elevate and break free from low standards (ESPECIALLY those of loved ones). It is hard to choose to shine, in the face of those who choose not to (or even worse those who try to dim our light). But it is the only way. I think as we age and mature, we start to feel the essence of the wise elder in us, who knows that life is far too freakin short to care anymore. This is our life. This is our canvas. Let’s live it up. I am over here cheering you on!!!

  • Ashleigh Oxford

    Natalie!! Thank you so much for this message today. I am a 3 life path and this hit so hard, I feel it in my bones. I’ve been working so hard on quiet the noise around me so I can attune into my heart and my souls calling. I find myself impatient and turning away from my desires because I think how can I do that? But I was kissed with this divine message for a reason. Maybe I don’t need to know how? Maybe I just need to know it’s the right path for me, and the way will appear. I find myself sinking into depression the further I pull away and quiet my voice and my message because of fear. Fear that I will be judged or that people won’t take me seriously. They just aren’t my people. The longer I postpone my hearts calling, the more down I get on myself. No more hiding. I’m here, see me and watch me roar!!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      This is so beautiful. YESSS! We know it is a heartfelt, divine desire/message/quality when we quiet it, and THEN that loss, grief or depression comes. No more postponing! 😉

  • Marilyn

    Thank you for this gorgeous message! You inspire and ignite something precious in me every month .. sometimes it’s about remembering something I feel I forgot! I love the idea that our desires and off the beaten path proclivities are not ours but come from the divine! These thoughts are revelations that calm me and move me forward. Thank you Nat for another great one!

  • Lea Centauris

    Nat…this was amazing….it arrived just as I finished something so important…and yes it’s against the grain…it has been an incredible journey of imagination and skill. Then I receive this from you. I really needed to hear your words…for I always felt it was a gift from God the zero. Thank you for the gift of message I felt this was meant for me to hear. wow….sending you my love ans appreciation ….

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