Why manifesting some things takes longer & what to do about it (wisdom from the 4 in Numerology)

We all ask ourselves:

Why am I a messy manifestor?

Why does it feel like stop-and-go all the time?

Why do I feel like things are happening (in business, income, impact, health, etc.) and then things back-pedal?

In this episode I am going to:

  • Demystify the manifestation/creation process
  • Normalize the highs and lows that we ALL experience on our way to that next great thing
  • Get really vulnerable and transparent about what it actually took behind-the-scenes to buy my dream home
  • Bring to light the exact spiritual reason some things take longer to manifest
  • And unearth wisdom from the number 4 in Numerology – that reveals the 3 ways you can manifest something faster, when you are feeling so stuck…

Notes from the episode:

“If something feels hard, that doesn’t have to mean anything.”

If something feels hard, maybe that is because you and the zero are moving mountains and establishing new territory and building a new thing? Maybe you are working out the blueprint? Maybe the zero doesn’t accept contracts without you fully signing them? 

Maybe you aren’t sure if you want this, or you are not sure how you want this to be yet, or you have yet to discover that missing puzzle piece that makes it all the more aligned and exciting?

the 3 factors that get us 100% behind a manifestation

#1) Truth-telling. If you are on the fence and normalizing the present manifestation, you won’t be 100% behind that new thing. Truth-telling for this reason is the rocket-fuel for manifestation.

If you were to tell the truth about what you are done with (or what you are soooo ready for) what would you say?

#2) Taking action before you are ready or before you are comfy. We have to be in the game, to win the prize. We have to be running the experiment to collect the data.

#3) Reframing your fears and objections, so your mind can get 100% behind this new thing.

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  • Elly

    Lol! “Sonetimes people get sick and it doesn’t mean anything”!! Lol that is SO my 4 husband. I’m laughing the whole time and yes, annoyed with the practicality of the 4. My husband is so practical I could die but I have to admit he gets the stuff i dream up done. Love this episode😚 Idaho!!!!!!!! So beautiful 😍

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