How to get paid, loved, seen for being who you are: A masterclass on the expression number

What we are going to cover in this episode:

  • Why this 8 Universal Year of 2024 might be ROCKING you right now
  • The number in your Numerology chart that is KEY to getting paid or being SEEN for being who you REALLY are (and how to find out yours!)
  • Why if you don’t embody this number in your chart, you might seek it out in unhealthy ways (and sabotage your highest-level success)
  • 5 steps to get paid to be you (these are the foundational components that I cover with my private clients that create huge shifts in what they attract business-wise and otherwise)
  • Magical homework to be your own Numerologist and Spiritual coach, apply this knowledge and have a breakthrough NOW
  • And neutralizing possible past wounds and childhood blocks that might be holding you back from owning your authentic, divine gifts and the special part you are here to play

Step 1) Calculate your Expression Number:

The superpower/primary gift of your Expression Number: 

1: Independence

2: Connection

3: Creativity

4: Pragmatism

5: Freedom

6: Love

7: Depth

8: Power

9: Wisdom

11: Inspiration

22: Dreaming

33: Joy

Step 2) Decode the block or obstacle preventing you from embracing this gift.

Journal on:

  • What is preventing you from knowing or embracing the value of your gifts? 
  • What negative judgments do you have about this gift? What do you not like about this?
  • What negativity has your family of origin held against your gifts? Have you been judged, ridiculed or hurt because of this gift?
  • What negativity does your INDUSTRY/profession hold against your gifts?

Step 3) Get 100% behind your gift/Expression Number.

Journal on:

  • If the Universe/the Divine Mind does not make mistakes when it designs us, why did it give YOU this gift? How is it a rare and precious metal?
  • Why are your gifts so valuable?
  • What would the world be without this gift?
  • What would your community or family be like without it?
  • What would your field, industry or career be without this?

Step 4) Lean into that which allows you to be this and share this gift.

Or… to put it another way, lean away from anything that doesn’t allow you to share this or be this.

Journal on:

  • Where can I be myself? Where can I be myself, just 10% more?
  • What people, places and opportunities LOVE this gift?

Step 5) Trust your heart-felt guidance.

DO NOT externally outsource your authenticity, your wisdom or your next-steps. Let that inner-orientation (aka being your own spiritual leader) guide your next-steps (even if you do not know exactly how it is going to look to get paid/seen/loved for being who you are).

Journal on:

  • What is the next thing that feels good and joyful to you?

What is coming up for you? Did you uncover some new blocks? Did you have some a-ha’s from learning about your Expression Number? Leave those revelations below!

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13 comments to " How to get paid, loved, seen for being who you are: A masterclass on the expression number "

  • Dear Nat, I found out that I had a different last name until i was 2, because until then I had the name of my Mum, who married my Dad when I was 2, and then my last name changed. The intro session with you was based on this name which makes me a 22 Expression Number, but if I take the name which I had when I was born, it makes me a 8! What is your take on this? Do I have two Expression Numbers? (Btw, sooo interesting – since it’s my Dad who triggered me giving away my power to him and other authority figures …)
    Thanks for this – again – wonderful masterclass! Christina xxx


      Hey Christina! We base it on the first official one you were given/the first one on your initial birth certificate, so that would make your expression an 8! The 22 (from your current/next name) still has influence, though – but we pay less atention to that and focus on the 8, first. 😉 I hope that helps!

  • elaine

    thank you. thank you, thank you, i’m a # 5 expression #, freedom, WOW, that is so perfect for me to hear at this time, since i have been in a somewhat stuck mentality lately, & have been trying to snap out of it. you have really helped me to rethink my direction, & purpose. thank you again, sooo much, elaine

  • Doug

    “…if we don’t embody it ourselves, we often seek it out in others” – so true, wow! That was a big lightbulb moment – thank you!

    • Elly

      I had to look up pragmatism in the dictionary just now lol. I actually wrinkled my nose. But in my bedroom that’s who I am. I have such negative thoughts about it.I hide my organization, I can feel the way I was taught that I was annoying. (Being organized in a disorganized house was hard. Sometimes I think I trained the order out of me.) I wish that I had a little Cammie in me!!!! That is soooo hilarious and beautiful.


        The 4 IS AMAZING! Organized, structured, grounded and TRUTH-TELLERS; the people who can feel and know and understand what REALLY needs to change for thriving. We would fumble into corruption and chaos without the 4. People would never be held accountable without the 4. IT IS DIVINE. (P.S. I wish I had a little of Cammie in me, too! lol!)


      You’re so welcome, Doug!

  • Paul

    Hi Nat, I really enjoy the Masterclasses you’re doing now. This helps me understand everything in a much deeper way. But, with this one I’m a little puzzled to discover my expression number is an #8.

    For a few years, I see the numbers 8, 88, and 888 everywhere, so when 8 came up as my expression number I thought, great! However, I feel so much resistance to the word “power” that comes with it. I can get in my warrior mind when I see people using (or rather misusing power) and with this lesson I become aware that I’m doing everything I can to suppress my power. I think this will be a hard one to go through, but hey, what needs to be done needs to be done…lol.

    Thank you so much for your awesomeness Nat. I thought you hit a homerun with the previous masterclass, but didn’t expect you would hit it out of the park again with your next round.

    Well done, and warm hug of love and appreciation for what you share with us.



      Paul – thank you so much for this generous comment – and I am so happy that you are enjoying the masterclasses! One tip on the 8: you could also work with the word ‘integrity’ vs. just power, or EMPOWERMENT. That gentle tweak might help you feel and embrace this gift even more. 😉

  • Jami

    I love your podcasts! They always resonate and inspire. I knew my Life Path # is 7, and now I know my expression number is 7, too. A double whammy! It didn’t really surprise. My personal life interests lean toward things spiritual, and professionally, being a long-time educator seemed to satisfy my nature. Two years ago I have transitioned to a school office job because of my health, and I have become frustrated and drained as my deepest gifts are not as used or valued. Wondering how can I lean into them more in my current role for now, and even better, discover and pursue my next chapter? At 61, I have come to know myself pretty well and I usually appreciate my gifts (I can feel/be isolated). But I have been very challenged in knowing how to get seen and paid as a professional at this point. Any thoughts? Thank you!!! ~ Jami


      A double 7!!! Wowwww! What a powerful soul you are! This might be a great topic for a future masterclass (how to pivot to that new professional life/business when the path isn’t there yet) because there is so much here… what do you think?

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