AMP UP YOUR IMPACT & INCOME with your Life Path Number: A Masterclass

What we are going to cover in this episode:

  • Signs that you are off path and not aligned with your powerful mission or calling
  • Why the Life Path number in your Numerology chart can be like ROCKET-FUEL for amping up your business and financial success
  • How to unearth your life path number’s most magnetic core energy to feel in-alignment and on-purpose
  • The KRYPTONITE within your Life Path Number that will IMMEDIATELY lower your magnetism (THIS ALONE can break open those floodgates of success)
  • A rite of passage that you must go through to attract customers/clients/support
  • And reflection/journaling exercises to unearth unique-to-you insights on the best next steps to take to have a breakthrough ASAP

To calculate your Life Path Number:

4 steps to amp up your impact and income with your Life Path Number (in ANY economy and ANY situation):

Step 1) Unearth your life path’s core calling  

1’s calling is to INNOVATE > share a new, innovative way of thinking or doing

2’s calling is to CONNECT > bring more peace and camaraderie into the world

3’s calling is to CREATE > using your joyful self-expression and creativity to uplift

4’s calling is to BUILD > addressing the key elements, or missing puzzle pieces that are preventing stability and sustainable thriving

5’s calling is to LIBERATE > liberate yourself and others from the confines that bind, to push the edges of what is possible

6’s calling is to LOVE > using your heart as a transformative force for flourishing and healing

7’s calling is to SEEK > diving deep into the understructure of something, to solve fundamental, invisible problems 

8’s calling is to EMPOWER > to give power and authority to others and yourself

9’s calling is to GUIDE > bring light to darkness, to help other make the world a better place

11’s calling is to INSPIRE > bringing elevated and innovative insights and ideas down to Earth 

22’s calling is to RESTRUCTURE >  infiltrating pre-existing establishments and elevate them for lasting and sustainable thriving

33’s calling is to TEACH > to heal, serve with your optimism and self-expression

Reflection: Sit with your word and write what it means to you and what emotions/memories come up. 

Step 2) Identify your life path’s core kryptonite

What would it look like to work against that core calling? 

What is a word that is the polar opposite of that core essence above? 

For the 1 Life Path – it might be conforming.

For the 2 Life path – it might be disconnection or division. 

For the 3 – it might be repression or staying quiet. 

For the 4 – it might be destruction or survival

For the 5 – it might be caging/limiting

For the 6 – it might be disharmony or neglect

For the 7 – it might be superficiality or staying on the surface

For the 8 – it might be disempowerment or victimhood

For the 9 – it might be naivete or ignorance

For the 11 – it might be to discourage/to bring down

For the 22 – it might be to MAINTAIN the status quo

For the 33 – it might be to withhold knowledge or joy 

Reflection: Are you doing this to yourself – or is your work somehow contributing to this kryptonite in some way? 

The degree to which you are engaged with the kryptonite, is the degree to which your magnetism and success with slow or halter. 

Step #3) Own and say YES to your core calling. 

Get out a notebook – and explore and journal on How YOU are uniquely qualified for this calling?

Chances are, the TIMELINE of your life has served you in becoming an expert in this area. 

  • What expertise do you have here?
  • What life experience, education, job experience has prepped and primed you for this, etc.?
  • What trials and tribulations have you gone through around this core calling?
  • Might you have been attracted to certain realms of study, or relationships or jobs… because you knew this was a part of your mission all along?

Step #4) Boldly take action in embodying that core calling in your life/business/industry/career.

  • Create a list of what it would look like to work AGAINST your core calling in your work and life.
  • Create a list of what it would look like to embody your core calling in your work and life a little bit more. 😉
  • Journal on this, pray on this, ask for guidance on this. It will come. 

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4 comments to " AMP UP YOUR IMPACT & INCOME with your Life Path Number: A Masterclass "

  • elaine

    i absolutley adore you & your episodes. i always look forward to them. i will contibute $$ in the future, just can’t right now. i’ve been listening for a long time. to the future, always, elaine

  • Maryam

    Love this episode and the workshop format so much! I keep having something pop up as I’m working through this episode’s journal prompts—as well as throughout my daily life. I thought I’d throw it on here in case anyone else may be able to relate as I’m sure you have some wisdom to share. Here it is, I am a pretty intuitive person and always have been. Lately, I have had some extra stressors and have experienced some anxiety, maybe a little more than normal. I find that sometimes I have a really hard time deciphering between intuition and anxiety. Like I can’t land on whether I should pay deeper attention, am I receiving a message?, or should I be just trying to calm my nerves and recede from the rabbit hole. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the work you do, as always. Big hugs.


      Hey Maryam! Thank you for this comment! My rule of thumb is this: our intuition is never our North Star; it is a tool that guides us to whatever we are focused on at the moment. So… I would revisit what you are wanting/desiring and whether that needs to be refined at all, based on present circumstance. I hope that helps!

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