When what you want isn’t manifesting: MANIFESTATION SECRETS OF THE 8

You have put that heartfelt desire on your vision board. You have worked really hard in visualizing it and believing it is coming… but it just isn’t happening. You are getting discouraged and starting to lose belief. WHAT DO YOU DO?

In this month’s podcast episode, I am revealing the most common thematics I cover with my clients to help them gain clarity on WHY this happening and HOW to get unstuck, so they can feel enchanted again! 

In this podcast episode I am going to be covering:

  • A review of 2024 – and why you are super-focused on defying the odds and finally realizing that goal
  • A powerful new lens you can use to look at your vision board (or any desire that you have), that will actually create progress and forward-movement in realizing your next juicy goal
  • Three of the biggest manifestation blocks and blindspots that I cover with clients (that could be holding YOU back)
  • And powerful homework assignments to access the cutting-edge wisdom and clarity you need to break through that block and see things transform before your eyes.

Homework/journal prompts from this episode

  1. What would your present self/character have to overcome to get to this goal? What dragons might they have to slay or fears might they have to face?
  2. What internal qualities might you need to develop, to become that future self?
  3. Might you need to shift what you are actually serving? Does your present self serve something different than your future self?

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3 comments to " When what you want isn’t manifesting: MANIFESTATION SECRETS OF THE 8 "

  • One major fear that I’ve been able to identify, as cliché as it sounds, is the fear of success. One simple example of this is: I become very enthusiastic about the prospect of entrepreneurship…but then thoughts of taxes and the legality process of it has me shying away from the success and prosperity I KNOW I am capable of experiencing. When the fear of success comes up, I find there’s a deeper layer to it and it’s that I’m not smart enough to handle the paperwork that results from financial abundance, especially as I’ve only witnessed lack and poverty growing up. This then impacts my ability to show up consistently and I then see how these barriers of manifesting are interdependent with this fear of success.

    • natalie@natsnumbers.com

      So helpful, Alisha! What life path number and/or expression number are you? I will add this is a possible topic to cover. Big hugs!

  • Dear Natalie,

    This March Episode is mind blowing!!
    Thank you
    And I have this question:
    It’s been a while now that I write to you that I want to continue your Coaching sessions as we had already two.
    Now here is the chicken-and-egg tension I struggle with: “Never postpone a decision because of “I will…WHEN….”. I fully agree and get this. On the other hand it means a financial investment. Although my business is Ok, my costs are high, preventing me from doing it.
    I can impossibly sign a “contract” with you when not having the means to pay for it because that would cause problems. Right ? And at the same time I KNOW that sessions with you will be financially beneficial for me.
    So who is in this perspective, the person I need to BECOME?
    I just hate to continuously postpone what could serve me Now.
    Please enlighten me on this, I will be so grateful!!!

    Thank You for what you Do and Eho you are for all of us.

    Phil Chapel,

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