November 2019 Forecast: It’s Time to Take That LEAP!

Don’t get distracted by that shiny thing. Take the leap towards what you want, even if it makes your tummy curdle.

In this episode of the Numerology Chick Podcast learn:

  • Why this 5 Universal Month has the potential to TRANSFORM your life
  • What is required of you, if you want to manifest that goal right now
  • What NOT to do to prevent Jerry Springer, baby-daddy drama
  • And how to make this last 60 days of the year your best yet with the November Numerology challenge!

The November 5-Risks-For-Your-Dream Challenge:

Step 1) Choose one thing you are wanting. Dream body, income, promotion, writing a book, landing a new job, dream relationship, etc. Write it down.

Step 2) Write down 5 ways that you can take a small risk or get outside your comfort zone for that desire this month.

Step 3) Put those 5 small risks in your calendar as tasks and schedule them in. You can do one a week – with one week having two risks penned in!

Step 4) Then go with the flow. Let the Universe/The Zero Point Field deliver next-level opportunities to you.

Head over to my Instagram account where I will be posting more about this challenge throughout the month. 

Ps. Comment below and let me know: In the first week of November, what is the first risk you are going to take?


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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


22 comments to " November 2019 Forecast: It’s Time to Take That LEAP! "

  • Elly

    This cast was so intense for me I went to close the window for a sec to integrate and my phone just kept playing?? “being excited about the idea to do new things!!!!” Someone once pointed out to me how anxiety is just excitment. Same feeling. I’m trying to notice how what I’m nervous about is what I’m excited about.
    But. .oh no, distractions that feel good? That’s huge! It makes me nervous to think about avoiding these distractions but I guess that means I’m excited to walk away from them. Theres this particular risk I want to take. The opportunity has come like 10 times this year. Everytime I predict it’s going to happen it does. I visualize the one move I’ll make a head of time everytime. I prepare myself. Then it comes and I f…ing freeze like a deer in the headlights. EVERYTIME! Then 5 minutes after I’m like so annoyed with myself. Is this the drama? ? I’m going to make my list now lol. Love you

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Yes, yes, yes! That is the drama! AND then the random fight with the spouse, AND then the binge eating episode, and THEN the crying spell… lol… all that follows simply because we didn’t take the leap! Ugh. But the cliff is always there. There really aren’t missed opportunities. So yesssss… make your list (I am crafting mine this weekend, too!) <3 <3

  • Katie

    I ate healthy every day in October, Nat! What do I win? It was hard to keep up with the workout because of a foot injury, but I stuck to the diet! I know exactly what that shiny thing is, and I have to learn to ignore it. I understand exactly how the woman in your story feels. I get thisclose, and I chicken out. All it requires is sending one simple Facebook friend request to get back in touch with someone I care about. But I’m too chicken. Working on that list as we speak. Happy November!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Woot, woot!!!! That is HUGE, Katie!!! Did you notice any differences from eating healthy? And we ALL have that shiny thing. We ALL have cliffs that we dare never leap from. But we’re going to hold each others hands and we’re going to jump this month. <3

  • Danielle Anjou

    Holy mackerel Nat holy mackerel!! You my friend are freaking amazing, what a gift you are girl!! Couldn’t be more appropriate and so so helpful. I’m working on my big sculpture, he’s moving forward. Thrilling and oh so scary, it’s a new life and I can’t tell you how comforting and reassuring your words were. I plan to do just what you suggested.
    You are a blessing Nat and I am so so grateful for your big big heart and amazing work????
    Much love and appreciation ???
    How can I send you an image of this big boy?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      So much appreciation for you! Click the ‘contact’ button above and send me a line – then I’ll reply, you’ll get my email and you can attach a photo. lol… my work email is the last sacred place where I don’t get spam email so I protect it for my peoples only. 😛 I can’t wait to see him!

  • Len Paganelli

    That was laser like Nat! It was so easy to understand and take notes on.
    It was so easy to fill in the blanks with my own story.
    I began drawing cliffs and even a magic carpet!!! Shaped like a 0 with me in it lol!
    Making list of my steps now.
    Thank you!

  • Carolyn

    Hi Nat!
    Thank you for the “shnny object” reference … my whole life has been focused on ” the Lord of the Rings~ Gollum ~ My pretty”… That path has shown a limiting
    pattern of self destruction, denial and small making out of my life.
    I want to connect with people more like will the real Carolyn please stand up! ( fearless, courageous, and strong! )
    In true Thelma and Louise style I am~ arms wide open~ embracing that small step at a time..a leap of faith and opening up to what’s ahead~
    real change and possibilities.. a wider focus and lens.. new brighter colors and vulnerability!


    Thank you. All i can say is thank you.

  • Jenna

    Thank you for all that you do♥️

  • Adriana

    Thank you Nat~!! You are the best best storyteller ever. I can relate to your friend very much. I would like to do this challenge~!!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Yay!!! So happy you are joining in! If you are not already over on IG with me, follow the @numerologychick account. 😉 Would love to support you over there.

  • Katie

    Hey Nat! I I know I said my goal was health and fitness, but another risk presented itself in terms of my relationships and my family life this week.. I have always been closer to my mother’s side of my family than my dad’s. I spent much more time with them growing up. But since my paternal grandma passed two years ago, I’ve had this urge to get to know her family better. The risk I took was getting in touch on Facebook with some cousins on my dad’s side, hoping they would know who I was. My grandma never talked about her siblings much. It turns out they’re really cool people, and I have a whole other family I barely knew. I’m still working on the fitness too, but getting closer to the distant cousins on my dad’s side has been really cool.

  • Katie

    Me again! I took a huge risk today! I’m still in a little physical pain from the terror. I sent a message of condolence (and possibly reconciliation?) to an old adversary of mine whose husband just died. I have disliked this woman for many years and many complicated reasons. Her son was my first love, and she never approved of me. I was devastated when I heard his father had died. Sending his mother a message on Facebook was huge. I didn’t quite have the cojones to send him my best wishes, but I hope he knows I am thinking of him. We shall see what happens from this huge leap. I’m so proud of myself, Nat.

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