My Story: How I Became a Hippy-Dippy-Trippy Numerologist

Alexandrine asked, ‘When did you learn about your numbers, and how did that change your perception of yourself and of life?’

In this episode I fill you in!


  • How hitting rock bottom brought the numbers into my life
  • What my Life Path number did to heal an  incurable condition
  • The crazy synchronicities that happened when I crunched the numbers of the people around me…

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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


15 comments to " My Story: How I Became a Hippy-Dippy-Trippy Numerologist "

  • Alexandrine Lapierre

    Hello Nat,

    I need to start with the fact that my intuition guided me to this podcast at exactly the same time you posted it. I get so excited every time synchronicities show up in my life – the Zero is always here for me.

    I am grateful you decided to open up and answer my question. Your story is so interesting, beautiful & inspiring- and it will help me navigate through my journey. It’s a good reminder that the beauty of numerology resides in feeling the energy of our creator and accepting how we were designed. After listening to this, I feel even more inspired to take practical actions towards becoming my best self.

    I am so grateful,
    Thank you ?


    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I am so grateful for you. <3

    • Elly

      ? I love you! I always saw you as a mystical guide. A noble conveyer of truth. I cant remember you ever lying to me. It’s funny because I feel like I knew the awakened you already, it was almost not a surprise to me. The whole astronaut thing is my FAV!❤ you ARE an astronaut. What is an astronaut but someone who bursts through an unknown membrane barrier into a new magical realm, then floats there looking at pieces of god, transmitting observed truths directly to our devices, so that we can know too. I’ll forever thank Tom Hanks❤. You are one small step for human, one giant leap for humankind. I could go on with the astronaut symbolism forever. Thank you for sharing your story. I love the big picture. Love you

      • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

        TEARSSSS. You inspired me to be me. Your Teepee in your room? Your love of all things metaphysical and native american? Doing Qigong on top of the Hawaiian canyons at only 16??? <3 <3 <3 We hippy-dippy-trippy together.

  • Poppy

    Nat… I adore you.. I get excited every time I get to hear words come out of your mouth.. I always know they will be of value and right on time for what’s relevant in my world.. I’m not even finished listening but I had to comment right quick’ ???

  • Nat you are the most incredible being that I have met spiritually in my life so far. I started seeing my numbers in 9/2018. But I am resonating with so much of your story and how I thought as a little girl also. I was always different and introverted but always had so many questions and confusions about the “god in the sky” religion that led to me discovering metaphysics in my mid 20s. You are delivering us the most amazing messages I’ve heard spiritually in a long time especially as it deals with our own individual lives. What an incredible story and thank you for sharing! Can’t wait til I get my reading from you in the near future. ❤️

  • Yes to the 8s Nat? loved hearing your story for the first time. Our paths our so similar which I guess is not surprising being 8s.

    October has been an amazing month for me….I have seen more clients in this month than I have all year just by intention and doing. This October challenge has given me so much clarity and progression.

    The sychronisities have been magical?

    Thanks so much xxx

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      CHENIN!!! SOOOO inspired by you. Thank you for taking the time out to report your wins. Grateful for you!

  • Len Paganelli

    Finally got to listen to this podcast. Our paths were bound to cross. I know it. I am so thankful for that happening.
    Your guidance has helped me feel a coming home in a special way. I have a feeling that all of the bad and difficult things that have happened in my life are OK. It is all purposed and calibrated by the divine.
    You know I need to be reminded, pulled back into my true orbit, my appointed path.
    So here I am to thank you, pray about you and encourage you.

  • Denis

    Your story is inspiration Nat,.it resonates with my life in so many ways to. I’m an 8 lp,.as a kid I remember audibly asking God to appear to me, I enjoy gazing at the stars,..and then the spiritual awakening I had in 2015. Then I found out about numerology first from you,.and ever since the revelation of the numbers has been unreal for me.
    I want to thank you ? for finding the courage to share your story Nat. ?. We’re in this together.

    So much Love.

  • Martin

    You’re really living up to your numbers Nat!!! Thank you!=) How would the world look if everyone were following their design?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      :O Oh my goodness…. it would be a magical place FOR SURE. I am pasting this question into a file for future episodes. That would such a cool topic.

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