December 2019 Forecast: Love & Nourish Your Joy

This month is a gift from your Creator. It is a reminder: you and your joy are the KEY to your future.

The December Numerology Challenge:

Step 1) Write down what you learned this year about what brings you joy. Is it a dream or vision? A self-care routine? A project?

Step 2) Come up with 6 ways you can love, nurture and nourish this joy this month.

Step 3) Put those 6 tasks in your calendar!

Step 4) Watch the zero point field support you in healing, beauty and ease as you watch your garden bloom. <3

Head over to my Instagram account where I will be posting more about this challenge throughout the month. 

Ps. Comment below and let me know: What did you discover about your joy in 2019? And what is the first way you will take care of that joy this month?


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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


20 comments to " December 2019 Forecast: Love & Nourish Your Joy "

  • Katie

    I needed this today. I’m getting screwed over left and right this week by people who have their own selfish ideas about how my Christmas should go. Everything from my decorations being put in the wrong spot to leaving me out of picking out this year’s ornament, to people getting mad about what I bought myself for my birthday. Then they wonder why I spend all my time alone in my room. Living with your parents in your thirties is hard. It’s definitely time to come home to my own loves and my own happiness. I need someone to show me some love, even if it’s me. I think I’m going to spend as much time as I possibly can this month working out in my gym, treating my body like the temple it is. I did nothing but gain weight this year, taking care of everyone else’s drama. Thanks for the kick in the butt to take care of myself. Happy Holidays! ?

  • Helen

    Wow—the word u used in the podcast -selfish- was like a lightening bolt. I was a daydreamy kid, very introspective and creative, and my parents used to accuse me of being selfish when I was just sitting quietly/reading/drawing. They worked really hard and didn’t understand my need for reflection and art. Years later, as a designer, but a very blocked artist, this word replays over and over again, making creativity difficult, like pulling teeth. I am a 6, with an 11 birth date, and have just discovered your podcast. All I can say is that the synchronicity of your message during my birth month, and particularly at this moment in my life, is profound and is something I cannot ignore. I will do the December challenge and see what comes up for me.
    Thank you so very much xo

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Ohhhh girl! 6’s often have repressed creative genius that takes a back seat to helping or meeting the needs of others. You are on the right track. Make sure to follow me over on Instagram (@numerologychick) or Facebook (Nat’s Numbers) where I will be posting little tidbits of support.

  • Yasmin

    I never realized how hard it is to come up with only 6 things that could bring me joy! I do Avery thing for mz children and forgot about myself! I don’t even know anymore what made me happy before! Really have to think about it now…

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I know!!! I got a 17 year old and a 1 year old. I FEEL you. Maybe the first step is scheduling in an hour by yourself to just…. feel yourself. lol. That helps me. 😉

  • I love sharing the beauty of nature with children and adults. One way is by sharing my early morning experiences on the American River and an iconic bridge – Fair Oaks Bridge – through my own blog and book “Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge: Watching Wildlife on the Lower American River. I want to create podcasts of my first person narratives. Other ways are leading young children is exploring the outdoor world on their own as Nature Detectives I already had a list prepared of what a life filled with joy looks like for me. I launched a series of “Joy of Writing” evening workshops. We have fun with self expression using creative prompts. it is an infant that needs a lot of support because my attendance is low Another way is my idea for leading several day long or weekend long writing retreat workshops on 4 different topics. These are the Joy filled experiences I want to bring forth in 2020. it is a LOT and my hands cannot carry them all. I need extra hands to support my dreams. So I am sending out a message to call for support from wherever it comes from. thank you for being our guide.

  • Lisane Lykles

    Hi Nat great timing as usual. I discovered that magic is real, I know we are responsible for ourselves and I’m doing it. Making goals of my own and going for it. I love my home life I miss people around so I need to get out an make new friends that share similar joys as I. I love sharing knowledge of past present an future with people an your nunvers are helping a great deal.learning numerology thank you I am forever grateful Liane

  • Lorrayne May Robbinz

    HI Nat

    I’ve just realized next year I have all these 2’s in my chart…22-12-2020=11=2…is it a good or bad year for me with all those sensitive 2’s…I thought I’d had a hard enough time of life already!?! Can I please look on it as a #11 year as a gateway to everything finally coming up roses for me?

    Always love your podcasts here and at…they keep me sane and give me reasons and understanding of my life and help me to understand the people around me for better relations to learn to accept them as themselves also!

    Love and Gratitude

  • Kathleen

    Hi Nat,
    My number next year is 2-11-2020 = 8. Is that good news or what.
    Love, Light and Gratitude.

  • Carolyn

    Hello Amazing Lady…
    This is Carolyn..a life path 7, Expression 8, soul urge 3 and a 5 personality

    I have been pushing through in my an ox with a yoke around my neck~pushing and pulling and tilling the
    fields of my life. Without really paying any attention to the beautify created in the wake…just going and doing…
    Now my JOY is all about BEING! Being still, taking a breath and calming and releasing…
    Being comfortable in my own skin..knowing I deserve and I have worth, value and matter!
    So quiet presence, slowing way down, being available, listening, awareness, kindness making real clear choices for me.
    Exercise that comforts my body and cares for my soul.. wholeness..compassion and acceptance..all equal MY JOY!!
    Thanks for being you and awakening my inner desires to create the best soul blueprint for this go round ever…my truth…
    Sparkle on~Carolyn

  • Loving the podcast this month, thank you Nat! Perfect timing as I feel exhausted from constantly trying to manifest my dreams. I’ve worked so hard I’m actually struggling to remember what brings me joy but I’m thinking on it now. As a side note, how do I find out what my numbers are? Is there an easy way? My DOB is 31.07.1976. Thanks again I’ve been following you for a while! xx

  • Katie

    Me again. I forgot to honor myself today, and I’m kicking myself. My mother and I had a disagreement about this year’s Christmas ornament, and of course, she won. As a consolation prize, she offered me junk food you can only get at the store we were at. She also bought a ton more junk food. My thoughts were “Why am I teaching you my hardcore workout if you’re just going to ruin it with junk food? I had to remind myself that I’m only responsible for me. I deserved the one chocolate treat I had this month. How much other people pig out is their own problem. I’m only responsible for myself. I just have to opt out of future Target trips, and go work out instead.

  • I’ve only recently realized that I’ve been working and pushing so hard that my initial answer to your question – what brings me joy? – was I don’t know. I’ve recently committed myself to reconnecting with joy and even booked a little getaway before knowing that this is what December is for! I will definitely spend some time on this little getaway to my think about this because I don’t want to lead a life without joy! Thank you!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Love this!!! Trust that your Creator will give you some support and clarity on this getaway. Joy is magnetic. It creates miracles.

  • Ivhis

    Hi Natalie, this is perfect timing to stumble unto your video about the magical number 0 .
    Is incredible, because all November and the first 2 weeks of December and yesterday I have been seeing’ 12’’12’ , 10’s and 000’ everywhere.
    I started looking online for and answer to the meaning on my life of these numbers and could not find and answer until the post about the 12-12 ? full Moon and now the meaning of 0 and 10.
    I am new to all this knowledge but I will try to focus on the number 0 and see what I can manifest.
    Is going to be a trill.
    I have great respect for your knowledge and your calm and your not to fast nor too slow beautiful voice, really resonated with me.
    Thanks for your message and I wish you the best this Universe has to offer ?? ? ??

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