May 2020 Numerology Forecast: The Past Fuels Your Next Miracle

Have you been waiting for a reset? For a moment to release the baggage and start over? This is the beginning of THAT. May is a 9 Universal Month where we are being called to MOVE ON. Listen in to the podcast to find out:

  • Why you MUST put up boundaries around your past if you want to build that dream
  • Why both DWELLING and ESCAPING from the past can keep you stuck
  • And how to finally let go (through a 2-step coaching exercise!) live in this episode so you can access a new beginning

The May ‘Embody Your New Character’ Numerology Challenge


Step 1) Ask yourself, ‘what am I holding onto about the past? What argument, issue or pain is keeping me upset or causing me to stay small?’ Write it down.

Step 2) ‘What have I learned from the above about what I need and want?’ Write it down.

Step 3) Every morning this month, as you get out of bed and your feet hit the floor: pretend that you are stepping into the role of a new character who embodies that need from step 2. How might this new self act different, dress different or behave different?

Step 4) Notice and document the opportunities that the Universe/Your Cosmic Best Friend brings you, as you release the past by embodying the future. Tag me over on Instagram @numerologychick when the miracles and breakthroughs come, so you and I can do the challenge together (you can also ask any questions that you might have over there). I got your back! <3

I appreciate you.


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BIG, warm girlfriend hugs…

P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


27 comments to " May 2020 Numerology Forecast: The Past Fuels Your Next Miracle "

  • Katie Maniaci

    I know exactly what it is from the past that I never got. For years, I carried a torch for a boy from high school who never gave me the time of day. His father died recently, and his mother couldn’t even be bothered to quickly thank me for my condolences. That was when I realized it was finally time to move on for good. I have to stop sending friend requests to people from high school just to stay stuck in 1997 and hoping he’ll start giving a shit. It’s time to stop creeping on his Facebook page. I have male friends who have been showering me with attention lately, and it’s time to start returning the favor. Thank you for waking me up to that, Nat!

  • Morning Nat? I loved this. Without thinking everything came to me straight away! What’s been holding me back is the fear of success and people trying to pull me down when I get there because of past events. I learnt that Integrity is what I hold on to so dearly. Being myself is what makes me the most happy, not holding parts of me back to please people. What I wasnt receiving in the past was being heard. I wasnt allowed to have a voice as when I did I was railroaded and caused me to withdraw. Looking forward to May! Hope you and your family are well xx

  • Melissa Rubio

    This is awesome! I’m going to participate in this challenge. I love your podcast, I listen to it when I can or when I receive one of your emails. I find your teachings very motivational! Thank you for sharing your gifts and your insight!


  • Elly

    Wow that was so amazing. Those questions. I had to do that twice. Bawled first time and really couldnt name it even. Just feelings. Wish i had 5 pages to explain the parallels of this in my life right now. Im so grateful for your words. I’m currently beginning my 2 accupuncturist apprenticeship. The other day my teacher asked me what I thought the most interesting part of an assigned book was. I told him it was how people get ‘cold’ and can’t let go of beliefs (stagnancy).?? so anyways your podcast is right on as usual. But then he says to me, ‘mmm. This is really important for you in your education. ‘ ? he THAN says ‘you know, it’s ok you started school late in life. If you dont become healer till you’re forty thats ok’☄ i swear! He then tells me how he (a rat in chinese zodiac) began his accupuncture journey at 21 and The rat sits first at the foot of buddha. The pig (me?‍♀️) comes last to buddhas feet, but comes ready and learns easily?. All these years I’ve believed im stupid. Schools not for me. It’s because both my parents are loosers. ?????? im letting that shit go cause im getting A’s now. At 36. Its hard. It hurts. I forgive my parents. Theyve taught me compassion. Understanding. Empathy. Unconditiinal love. Unequity. Imbalance. Really theyve equiped me with everything i need be a good accupuncturist. i keep my future vision of my self. A beautiful scholar. Playful wisdom. Guiless giving.
    The pig is admired in Chinese zodiac for taking garbage and transmuting it into delicious bacon. ??????????? but i digress. Anyways thanks for opening that door❤

  • Katie Maniaci

    Me again. I’m finding that this 9 energy is affecting me very differently than I thought it would. I’m still working on not obsessing over my ex like I mentioned, but I have a more immediate concern. This pandemic and quarantine has me stuck in a house with my parents and brother indefinitely. I’m finding myself bugging everybody to constantly play cards when they all want to just sit and binge watch Hulu. I’m finding that my recent seizures have me desperate for attention, and that I just need to get over it and go meditate or do yoga. I can’t always rely on Mom and Dad for constant attention, and I don’t want to. I need to pick up a few old hobbies back up that I keep saying I’m going to. I need to flirt with those male friends I was telling you about. I need to chat with my girlfriends, which I did tonight. Thank you for making me see that, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I love how you always are looking to be proactive and learn more about yourself. <3 It is beautiful to see. Putting up boundaries around the past can ALSO be putting up boundaries around a past self (and the habits of that past self). Just another layer of the 9. Ha!

      • Katie Maniaci

        Thank you! I think I’ve really grown up a lot watching your forecasts and sitting through this quarantine

  • Janice

    Love this!!! Much Gratitude. Last Friday, I participated remotely in a shamanic sound healing ceremony and the word Embodiment came through to me. So powerful and empowering. Thank you for the guidance shared in this podcast to have the tools to feel what that means to embody that I am good enough. I was gifted by Source and my soul with all I need to show up and live a high vibe life for my highest good and for the highest good of all. I am connecting the feelings with the manifestation of new beginnings and miracles. How beautiful. Much appreciation and love for you sharing your gifts!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      So much appreciation for you. <3 "I was gifted by Source and my soul with all I need" wowza. Just that alone is a game changer.

  • aleksandra

    I love your guidance Nat.. It gives me strengh for each month and the confidence that things will not only be fine but that I am really heading to embody my best self.!

  • lea

    YES, YES, YES…………much love and thank you….

  • Brianda G.L.

    Thank you Nat <3 You bring us so so so much wisdom. I appreciate you so much!

  • 9 life-path-er here. This is so on. Before listening to it, I was having an experience of contemplating/seeing how this whole world and game works and seeing the big picture, but also experiencing how sad things are and about how much I want to help people be free and happy and healthy and kind. It feels a lot like the perspective of the tree. The questions were very powerful. I’ve been in agony and really suffering for months trying to let go of a long and intense conflict, and the questions took my letting go to a deeper level and I feel more freedom around it. From the conflict, I learned that I need human support and connection when I’m struggling and that I want people to know and see how much I care and am available to help them heal.

  • Lisa

    Well, well, well, what’s been holding me back is myself. That sounds strange, but that was the first word that came to me. But as I thought beyond that layer, it was fear, beyond that, scared to death. So being scared to death has literally paralyzed me for almost five years now. The second question of the past and what is making me resentful is what is also making me scared to death: Being alone. A failed marriage, kids off at college, now an empty nester, totally alone, feeling especially alone during this world wide pandemic. What I learned or am trying to learn and the Universe is beating me down, almost to death, is this; Being able to rely on myself and only myself for all my needs. Every single one of them. This also goes back to the two questions. I’m still mad that I am alone and even more upset that it’s now only myself I can rely on! This is not what I wanted or how I saw myself in my life. So…with this all being said right here, for all to see, my May challenge must be to Have Faith In Myself and enough power to move forward before I am completely face down in the dirt. I’m not sure how I am going to do it, but I must rise up, even if my faith and power have been diminished. Or quite possibly, I never had faith and power in myself to begin with.
    Thank you for your always wise words Nat.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Very powerful. Ponder this: what would it look like to be a woman who has faith in herself? How might she act different/think different/etc.?

  • Sarah

    Yes! Stop letting the past decide how my future is going to go. Kinda funny how we sometimes hold on to things that prevent us from accomplishing our dreams. For May- confidence in the direction of following my dreams is what I am going to focus on and letting go of the fear of others opinions or judgements. I literally had a dream about this last night so this came at the perfect time! Thank you!

  • ELLY

    So good! So hard!!!❤

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