June 2020 Numerology Forecast: You Need YOU for this New Beginning

It is time to step through that doorway and embrace a new beginning. In this month’s forecast learn:

  • How this month is actually the official new beginning of 2020
  • The two things you must keep in mind, so you can get over your fear of stepping into that upleveled venture, project, identity or era of your life
  • And I will be revealing a 10 second visualization technique that will help you tread your own path with confidence and excitement!

The June ‘Honor the Precious You’ Numerology Challenge


Before you enter a room, answer a phone call or email, or interact with others, use the following 10 second visualization technique:

  1. Visualize that there is a bubble of light surrounding your whole body that represents your energy. How does this energy look? How does it feel? What color is it? How big or small is it? Is it opaque or translucent?
  2. After take a moment to visualize your energy, notice how you show up different during your interactions. How do you act, talk or behave different, now that you are focusing on what it feels like to be you.
  3. BONUS: If you ever feel scared this month, reach out and hold your own hand. Be there for you. This new beginning can be wondrous if you have your own back and cherish yourself. You CAN do this.

Thank you for being here with me.


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BIG, warm girlfriend hugs…

P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


21 comments to " June 2020 Numerology Forecast: You Need YOU for this New Beginning "

  • Katie

    I ♥️♥️♥️ 1 Months! I’m in serious need of a new beginning. I rely way too much on my routine. A shakeup is desperately needed. I really need to remember who I am and embrace it. I’ve been really getting back into my writing and broadcasting schooling lately, and it feels really good. Writing is who I am, and I need to remember that. I started writing a screenplay years ago, and never finished it. My old high school buddies just released a movie, and I’m so jealous. I’m seeing an awesome silver energy around me. Isn’t that the color of one of the film awards? Challenge accepted!

  • Ibis

    Great time to begin a new anything
    Love your forecast and your delivery I like the little Sandpiper need to embrace a new life
    Well done I anxiously welcome this new month of June

  • Theresa

    Wow! The night before I received this email I was feeling anxiety. I’d do the muscles tests for questions I need deeper answers to. This method showed yes to being afraid of the awesome that is coming, which puzzled me. Why be afraid of awesome? So further questions showed me I’m afraid of the increased responsibilities and the fear of using it wrong. Your message made me cry (a few times) bc of how in point everything was. My energy bubble was surrounding me like a glass globe with lighting all around. Have no idea what that means, but I am heading to the beach for a long weekend so maybe it’s the excitement for that. Lol thank you so much for what you share!!! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend! (And beyond)

  • Corinne

    Loved your sandpiper story… a good story to reflect on. I am looking forward to June and new beginnings! Thank you Nat❤️

  • I’m moving to a new city! Really getting in touch with this “divine timing” this year – how crazy we will make an actual fresh start geographically in this 1 month…

  • Carmen Brant

    Hi Nat,
    I listened to your pod cast and visualized my energy ball around me and I immediately saw Monet Starry night colors and the swirling energy around me it was constantly moving and adjusting very cool.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Philippe Chapel

    Dear Nat,
    Your June podcast is soooo powerful. So much Gratitude for it.
    The very strange thing is that after an event hit my life (still last December I would never have expected it to happen and strangely it appeared to be for my best), I found you by coincidence on instagram and literally every step in your process (the monthly podcasts and challenges) paves exactly my path… For instance, without knowing the content of the June podcast, I had intuitively decided (and told my close friends) that the official “Go Live” of my own company would be before the summer, so in….June (!). So guess my happy astonishment when I listened to the podcast…..! How is such a synchronised process possible (and at the beginning of January, I had never heard about you….)? That triggers me so much…!
    And to answer your question, the Energy around me is a mix of yellow and ice blue, mostly translucent and expanding when I feel in “my element”, teaching classes and groups or watching a beautiful scenery or talking to someone I love.
    My life path number is 6, my expression number is 4 and my soul urge number is 9. Also, I discovered these numbers as from the end of January only, since I really got astonished by numerology and wanted to discover more..
    Again Nat, how do you explain all this? I cannot find a rational explanation that it all has to happen now and following that process, that still last year was totally unknown to me.
    Amazing. Thank you so much for walking with me Nat.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      It sounds like a new door to mystery and magic has opened for you; one of awakening. So happy that you are journeying with me through it. <3

  • lea

    wow….that was awesome….thank you with a full heart…Lea

  • Cynthia Arnold

    You are such a blessing. Thanks for the encouraging words and guidance!

  • Tracy

    New Beginings – ready, set, GO…I am so glad I found your website. Thank you so much for the podcast and sharing June’s numeric vibration.

  • Steve

    To the numerology chick i just can’t wait to meet you i see the light and its getting brighter and brighter amen

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