April 2020 Numerology Forecast: Can You Take Your Power Back?

I can’t make this up. lol. April is an 8 Universal Month; a time where we are being called to take back our power. :O Listen in to find out:

  • Why April is considered the PEAK energy of the whole year
  • How Navy Seals use the energy of the 8 to succeed in the most dire of circumstances
  • And the specific kind of boundary you need to put up this month to build your dreams

The April ‘Take Back Your Power” Numerology Challenge

Instructions: Every morning this month (before you watch the news, check your email or assess the moods of your loved ones) do the following:

  1. Take a quiet moment to revisit your goals for 2020. What dream did you want to manifest this year?
  2. Ask your Creator for help: “What is one practical step that I can take today to build my dream?” Listen for the first inspired idea that comes up.
  3. And then, go do it! It doesn’t have to be big. It can take just a couple of minutes.

Join me over on Instagram @numerologychick so you and I can do the challenge together (and you can ask any questions that you might have). I got your back! <3


WANNA WORK WITH ME THIS MONTH? Click here to book a session or a program. It’s my job to help you decode what makes you awesome and powerful, no matter what is going on in the outside world. 😉

BIG, warm girlfriend hugs…

P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


9 comments to " April 2020 Numerology Forecast: Can You Take Your Power Back? "

  • Katie Maniaci

    Before the quarantine, the Zero manifested even more for me than I had time to tell you about. Three of my longtime celebrity crushes actually chatted with me on Twitter and Instagram. Until then, I’d seldom even gotten a click of the ♥️. The teenage fan girl in me went nuts last month. I’m all about taking my power back now. One of those crushes, my fitness instructor, is being all kinds of encouraging, and I’m so psyched to start using my new rowing machine and tractor tire. Yes, I got a tractor tire to flip! I’m so in on this challenge!

  • Kunal

    Loved it, came like a breath of fresh air! Time to walk the talk and take action, sign me up for the April Challenge!

    A Dream…


  • Elly

    Im so excited and really feeling the need for clearer boundaries. Its so interesting these practical steps. And am fascinated by my ability to create unnecessary steps for myself, that ultimately lead to me sitting and waiting frozen in the gunfire. I’m applying for an accupuncture apprenticeship and have made the whole process difficult and unattainable. I had one rediculous logical question to ask and yet it took me 3 weeks to pick up the phone?‍♀️ wtf? The whole time i was talking myself out of even being worthy of this opportunity, even using my kids as an excuse. So yesterday when the ‘ooh i need to call’ feeling came up i just went for it. Was fine. I want to allow my self. I still stuggle with that bullseye. But taking one tiny step a day, as homework almost,makes me feel like I inevitably will be an accupuncturist/qi gong teacher. I can see myself their, I can visualize it. I can even see my kids popping into my office after school. But i really struggle with physical actions of getting there. I want somebody to tell me ‘mail that here’ ? or ‘fill this out first’
    …i really struggle with the effort required, the actions required, to help myself find simple answers. I’m discovering this is all related to self worth. I love your podcast and will be taking action not just on what I want to become, but action on feeling good about myself. A boundary almost against myself. Not allowing negative self talk, or at least noticing when Im downing myself. Like louise hay or something. ‘Im not ok with you saying that about yourself’ kinda thing. Im so ready to kick this ‘poor me I have crazy parents and no good role models’ vicyim mentality to the curb lol?Im so grateful to corona for giving me this time. Its so exciting!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      OMG I LOVE this. With that 3 in your chart you have to practice FOCUSING that dreamer energy into practical action. Once you make a habit out of it… things change FAST. And try on for size taking action even if that self-talk isn’t perfect. Sometimes the best exercise in self-confidence is taking action on that commitment even if your head isn’t in the space. <3 P.S. "Im so ready to kick this ‘poor me I have crazy parents and no good role models’ victim mentality to the curb lol" lol. I am 100% WITH YOU on this and FEEL THIS!

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