August’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Just Get to Work

This is your spiritual prep for the amazing opportunities that are about to come.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • What the presence of the ‘karmic debt number’ 13 means for us here in August
  • The KEY to positively leverage this archetype, for internal and external transformation
  • And how to thrive this month, with one simple challenge…

The August Numerology Challenge: Just Get to Work


  1. Make the commitment. What do you want to focus on building this month? Get clear and write it down.
  2. Build it. Take daily, consistent practical action for this goal. Even when you get distracted or emotional, even when obstacles or challenges arise and even if you don’t feel like it. Set a timer for 4 minutes, and mark practical items off your list. No task is too small.

For every minute of focused, practical action the Universe will match it with a donation. It will support you and have your back.

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BIG, warm hugs…

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Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


17 comments to " August’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Just Get to Work "

  • I love your wisdom ❤Thank you for sharing?

  • ?????

    I’m On It Nat ??

  • Robin

    Please schedule me

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Hey Robin! You can click the ‘work with me’ button above to book when you’re ready. 😉

  • Chenin

    Loving August already?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Me, too! I’ve already had to redirect myself back to my purpose three times, and it feels so powerful.

  • Lorre Black

    Incredible! This entire year has been my Yellow Brick Road map. I’m not in the bushes, but on my path! I threw the Universe a bone..bones. I used my voice and proclaimed what I wanted last month. And, the Universe supplied. I have an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY in August to make my dreams come true. I am excited and ecstatic to use my-already-proven discipline to focus on my dreams and mission this month. Freedom comes from discipline. Freedom comes from boundaries and requirements into my sacred garden. Incredible, Nat! May the 5 September Month in this 5 Universal Year bring even more evidence that I am a co-creator with my comic best friend! Thank you!

  • Lea Centauri

    Awesome….thanks for the wisdom….

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! I’m a 4 Life Path, and I’m totally feeling this month. I’ve been watching the Karate Kid series on Netflix, and now not only do I want to learn karate, but I’m busting my ass at every other aspect of my life. I’m hiking my favorite trail in southeast Michigan tomorrow. I love it because it’s a challenge. Hills and rocks everywhere. I also have a tractor tire to learn how to flip. I’m also bound and determined to win the heart of the man I’ve had an on-again, off-again flirtation with for a few years now. He’s the one, and it’s about time I admitted it to myself. That ferry signal was hilarious. That’s a sign right there. I’m so in on this month’s challenge. Happy August!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      That ferry signal was so synchronous, wasn’t it? lol. 🙂 Because you’re a 4 life path there is soooo much extra magic this month for you. Do it, do it, do it! Big hugs…

  • Kim

    Awesome as always?

  • Reilly Hirst

    This is a great answer to a hard and difficult month. Without question, as I clean space and check off my to-do list I feel very good each time. Today, I got the second of my booster shot and I am tired but also relieved. I definitely have been pulled off my plans, but returning has been great. Thank you.

  • Katie Maniaci

    Me again! It’s interesting to report how the numbers play out each month. I got a serious lesson in practical hard work this week. We’re just coming out of a four day power outage from a bad storm here in Southeast Michigan. No lights, refrigerator, or air conditioning for three days. It’s amazing the survival skills that will teach a person, and how easy it is to stick to your goals when there’s no technology to distract you. I had nothing to do for three days except push-ups. I learned what a distraction my TV and internet can actually be. I’ve resolved to do push-ups and sit-ups every morning before I do anything else. You never know when you’ll suddenly have nothing else to do. Hope you’re having a great August, Nat!

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