July’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Don’t Lie to Your Creator

It is Universal Law. In a 3 Universal Month, if you want to move forward, you got to speak up and tell the truth.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • The sad reason (and warning) of why a German Novelist only became successful AFTER he passed away (hint: it has to do with the 3 of this month!)
  • The next thing you need to do to turn this year around in a bigger and better way
  • And all the deets on the July Numerology Challenge, where we will use the gift of the 3 to cast spells in your life!

The July Numerology Challenge: 3 Times is a Charm


  1. TELL THE TRUTH to yourself and your Creator first. ‘I want……’
  2. Tell yourself the affirmative truth of what you want. Make sure you come up with a sentence that is clearly communicating what you do desire, versus what you don’t.
  3. Speak this desire out loud (to someone else!) at least 3 times this month. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get it, don’t agree or can’t give it to you. Practice standing up for it anyway. Your job is to speak up and speak out. It is the Universe’s job to respond to the reverberation of your voice.

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12 comments to " July’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Don’t Lie to Your Creator "

  • Tiana

    You are brilliant! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! I have a 3 Heart’s Desire, and I am speaking up all over the place right now. I am straight up lonely, and I am flirting with all of my male friends every chance I get. At least one of them is about to hear exactly what I want. One in particular is about to hear “Listen, a**hole! Stop making funny comments on everything I post and just ask me out!” I’m also all over my parents’ cases about our health and eating better. Self-expression has never been a problem for me. When I was little, my folks used to tell me their ears were tired. I’m about to make a few more people’s ears really, really tired. Happy July!

  • Pietro spadafora

    Hi nat what you said was magic and came from your heart and a higher place yes the world is made by numbers symbols that how the light language is spoke as well sound vibration .the voice has a beautiful vibration that how our our maker created us

  • Nina

    I just love listening to your deep wisdom. Thank you for all that you share

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Thank you for being here!

    • Thank you Nat! This was actually a confirmation podcast.
      Many things have been coming up around my throat chakra. And, I seem to be guided to listen to you just at the right time. It was exactly one year ago last week I first heard one of your recordings. It was about 0. That experience in addition to my spirit guide animals brought me to a place I now call home, when I had none. It has been a blessing for an entire year. It seems though that things are coming up as part of the requested “healing of my entire life”, now a full year later. Kind of blowing my mind. But the old stuff, feelings and fears and doubts that I thought I’d left behind, have popped up at this point in time. So thank you for reminding me to continue speaking in the affirmative for all of the things I continue to want and desire in my life.
      I have thought about getting in touch for a private session with you on a few occasions. I’m still working out my financial paradigms. But, I really want to blast forward, into a more financially powerful, fulfilling and joyful time in my life.
      Perhaps we can chat soon.

  • As always, so spot as to where I am at in my life. I did a workshop earlier this week and I came away with knowing that I need to be able to explain my self more clearly and know what it is that I’m actually trying to say. Pretty sure I’m a 3 expression number. Thanks Nat. Still my favourite podcast and the one I look forward to each month xx

  • Claudia


  • Poppy Robinson

    Nat, I appreciate you and the work that you do.. I have followed your work for many years now… lots of 3’s in my chart.. I’m ready to step into the magic of this month and be Very Clear about my Desires! Thx for the reminder ?.
    I’ll start here as 1 of 3 times I’ll be sharing!
    1. I Desire to be in a loving committed partnership with The Love of my Life, a generous funny man that makes me feel loved & stable ( 4 hearts desire)As our gift, talents and values compliment one another.. We will co create a beautiful inspiring life together.
    2 I desire to do meaningful work that uplifts and impacts people in a way that changes their lives and circumstances as it energizes me in return, all whilst being paid handsomely $10,000.00 or more monthly.
    3 piggybacks off of 2. I desire to have a steady income that’s more than enough to pay my bills, have fun, travel, go in adventures, save, invest wisely and have plenty leftover to be of assistance to loved ones who may be in need of a helping hand.

    Thank you for listening!


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