September’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Expand into a New Life

Change is here. And you don’t feel ready.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • Why this is the PEAK energy of the year (and why it is so intense!)
  • The kinds of things to expect when you have a DOUBLE 5 energy in the month (a little bit of fear and anxiety is NORMAL you guys!)
  • And a two-step coaching exercise to make this month the life-changing one it was designed to be…

The September Numerology Challenge: Expand into a New Life


  1. Identify the old thought or belief. Ask yourself, ‘what am I afraid is going to happen, if I allow change? i.e. “I am afraid of being attacked.” “I am afraid that I am not good enough or smart enough.”
  2. Unearth the new thought or belief (that will help you say YES to this new life!). What if the opposite from the above was true? What if other amazing possibilities were true? Write down a new possibility in the form of a new belief. i.e. “Amazing, honorable people come flowing in.” “I am valued and appreciated for my gifts.”
  3. Write that new thought down, and have it in a place you can see it. Repeat it to yourself and be open to this new possibility.
  4. Let the Zero Point Field/God do its work by letting go. Simply watch in anticipation as the evidence pours in that this new thought IS possible. Look for evidence that it is true.

Change isn’t easy when we don’t believe we are worthy of it. Change is thrilling when we know we are.

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BIG, warm hugs…

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27 comments to " September’s 2021 Numerology Guide: Expand into a New Life "

  • Poppy

    ??????Thank you Nat. I’ve been stalking this blog and your you tube channel for September’s energy checkin and monthly challenge / exercise!

    • Amanda Pieciak

      So, my birthday Sept 5th is the 5th day of a 5 universal month of a 5 universal year? Well, guessing I am getting an even bigger dose? Interesting…

      • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

        It’ll be a powerful catalyzer that you are here to embrace the adventure. P.S. I was born on September 5th, too!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      This one was down to the wire! lol… thanks for being here, Poppy.

  • Sara

    Thank you fir this message! I appreciate your words, calmness and this one really resonated with me in so many ways.

  • Chenin

    Thank you Nat. This is the perfect gift on my birthday and the sychronisities in your messages today are magical….I even had tears in my eyes at one point. Can’t wait to read your book when it’s done;)

  • Lorre Black

    I’m excited to watch my cosmic beat friend fill my new container. (One I’ve been working on for a while)…I welcome and am open to change! Love you, Nat!

  • Tiffany

    Thank you Nat! I’m a 5 Life path in a 1 personal year. I don’t normally have anxiety because I love change, but, WOW, the last 24 hours have been intense! Is my entire month going to be like this??? LOL

  • Stu Kirk

    Love to read your book Nat. Your podcasts are always enjoyable and inspiring 🙂

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! I’ve already buckled my seatbelt for the last quarter of this year. I definitely feel something changing and that anxious feeling. I’m noticing changes in the lives and circumstances of those around me, and I keep thinking “When will my turn come?” I definitely fear that change a little though. I think I fear rejection. That people I want to be in my future don’t want to be. Another fear is my mother’s fear. That she won’t “let” me take advantage of the changes. She’s very overprotective. My sense of being her “little girl” is a big roadblock. I need to find a way to reframe those fears. I need to remember that I’m worthy of friendship, of the love of a good man, and to have the freedom to live my own life and my own dreams. Thank you, Nat, for helping me realize that. Happy September!

  • Wanda Perez-Diaz

    My biggest fear is being seen. Mentally, I can envision where I’m going. I can easily visualize it and play it out. But the moment that I realize: “this involves REALLY being seen”, I freeze, I panic. Thanks so much for this, Natalie! Hope your upcoming birthday is lovely.

  • Androniki

    Thank you Nat!!! I hear your words I am laughing and my heart is singing…bless you!!!

  • Patricia Effenberger

    You are such a blessing! Thank you!!!

  • Love how inspirational you make every month! I am going to work on my confidence in myself and my readings. I am worthy of being seen and charging more so that I can eventually reach my goal of stepping away from my nursing job to do my mediumship full time!

  • Andrea Warren

    Hi Nat, I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do. I really resonate with your interpretation of the numbers and of Source. I really hear what you are saying on a regular basis and I appreciate it all very much. The content and information you share helps to bring me deeper insight and helps to centre me on a regular basis and I am extremely grateful. Wishing you a wonderful and fulfilling 5 month. Andrea

  • Karen E

    Nat – wow what a great September podcast! I can feel the miracles and the changes now! My birthday is September 2nd. I am stepping out of my comfort and wanting to see “what if’s”. Thank you ?

  • Lisa

    Namaste Nat ♥️ Thank u!!
    I feel like a deer in the headlights lol! ?
    Crazy world and i have also gotten to a place on my journey where everything i ever knew has changed and now i have no choice but to reinvent and start a new life! Needed this message so much! Bless u love & light ????

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Soooo well said. “Everything I ever knew has changed.” YES! It can be abrupt at first, but then it breaks open new possibilities and becomes a new adventure.

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