September’s 2022 Numerology Guide: The Fruits (and Weeds) of Your Labor

The peak energy of the year, September is where all that hard work you’ve put into your dream since January, kicks up speed. This is where you see things bloom, flourish and develop a life of their own….

AND this is ALSO where the zero/God/your Creator may force your hand and point out your blindspots so you do not cheat the world of your gifts, your potential and your great light.

Your Visualization/Journal Prompts for September

Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden that represents you and your precious little world. This garden is your safe refuge, your home. I want you to imagine that you notice some weeds that are infringing upon the fruition of this garden of yours; that are taking away nutrients and real-estate from this dream and this desire you are creating.

  1. What are those weeds? What do they represent in your life right now? Trust your inner wisdom here and listen to what your intuition is saying. You already know. 
  2. And what do you need to do to be rid of these weeds? What do you need to take out of your life/off your plate so they do not take up space anymore? Just a little tip: usually what we need to do with the weeds is to simply replace them with what we LOVE. 😉

If we get clear on the above and take action from this awareness, we will be able to tap into this resource of love, healing and abundance.

>>> My impact, influence and success comes from the flourishing of my small, precious world. I put the blinders on and focus on those people, places and things that are receptive to my gifts and my values, and that reciprocate them. <<< 

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15 comments to " September’s 2022 Numerology Guide: The Fruits (and Weeds) of Your Labor "

  • I love this Nat! So perfectly received on my birthday, the 1st day of spring here in NZ:) I justed weeded my garden a few days ago so if I can relate it back to that, I don’t like removing the plants that have self seeded but I need to to make room for something new. So I take them out and give them away or plant them in the park. I have no trou le removing the actual weeks. There are certain things I do need to remove from my diet for my inner garden to thrive and as will any garden, it takes persistance and dedication to keep it pristine. So in order for my things to grow, I need to give them my attention, my time and my love in order for them to bloom:)

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! Happy Fall! I’m already learning some of the lessons you spoke of. I recently started dating a single father, and I’m finding myself having some insecure moments, feeling like I’m being ghosted when John is just being a good dad. Then I’ll get a random selfie from him once the kids are asleep, and all is right with the world again. He constantly assures me that he’s not going anywhere. I’m finding that I fall for guys that remind me of my favorite uncle, and that what I value about my uncle is his sense of humor, his loyalty, and his strength. My John is exactly that. I have to get over my “weeds” of insecurity and desperation to have constant attention. I have to just trust that he’s not going anywhere. Happy September!

  • Nat, thank you for this! We’ve been continually falling forward since January, and the Zero is catching us and supporting us every bit of the way. House sold just before our real estate market crashed. We sold 99.9% of our belongings at 20% more than we’d anticipated. And the latest: one of our favorite cruise lines just happens to have a ship departing from Miami for Lisbon on our anniversary and within a week of when we were planning to fly to our new home. Tickets are booked for a 2-week, all-inclusive cruise that will cost not much more than our tickets would have. And no jet-lag to bring us down!

    You’ve been an inspiration to us for taking those steps in faith that when the Zero plants a desire for something, it will also provide the means to achieve it. Onward!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Marc! This made my day, and made me so happy! The zero DOES love us, catch us, support us and call us forward – and I am so grateful that you and your family are out there co-creating beautiful things. THAT is what we need in this world. BIGGG hugs.

  • hayley

    Damnnnnn! I love you sooooo much! I felt the family/community on a soul level and was responding yes yes yes! 😉 This is only my second podcast, but Wow! August, I was having a confusing/upsidedown coming in like a wrecking ball start – I was thinking wtf?? Then I listened to your podcast (my first) and it made sense. It allowed my to go through the full month being undisturbed by the continued whirlwind – I have never felt so calm going through a storm. However, I very much looked forward to seeing September lol! I had forgotten about the podcast coming up until it popped into my emails just now. Listened, and I’m just floating with the peace you bring Nat! I’ve pictured my garden and I am totally going to embrace this month and all it brings.
    thank you thank you thank you
    ps. love love love your opening music! soulful xxxxxx

  • Elly

    Crying my head off in a good way

  • Lorrayne Robbinz

    Hi Nat
    Again and again and again…you give me what I need to hear…over the sooo many years I’ve been following you!
    Out of the blue last month I was approached to write a chapter in a book about Voices of Impact, which I impulsively signed up for (so impulsive I had to think afterwards ‘if it’s meant to be the money will turn up to be the right thing to do’.
    However I started panicking this month, which is the month I need to write over 3000 words!
    Then as I listened to your podcast today, you kept repeating the word ‘impact’ which is just what I needed to hear right now anc it has given me a boost to write…firstly to you (because I don’t often comment or speak out about my thoughts) to thank you for all the great things you do and represent!
    A few years back I self-published a book about my family’s ordeal, thinking it would be therapeutic and to help others like I’d promised myself I’d do decades before, and the end to my suffering!
    I’d written it under a Penname because of the sensitive content and the affect on other members of family who aren’t at my level of healing!
    However I’ve come to realise I won’t be properly healed until I come clean under my own name, because I kept feeling like I was still living in SHAME…I’d realised the real problem…shame and embarrassment…and until I can come clean myself I can’t help other properly either, because I’ve felt like a hypocrite all this time!
    Even though my other book has affected others in a good way, which made me falsely feel like I was doing good and helping because they thought it was my real name presumably, I’ve realised I’ve still not properly healed myself…I’ve just pretended under my pretend name, which I named after a fourth child if I’d had another, and told myself I’d sent my book out into the world to help others (behind the scenes!) and I thought that was enough considering I’m still getting approached by agents, etc to help me sell more books, after virtually no advertising by myself for four years so I thought it was working if it was still getting attention!
    You’ve made me realise this other proposal to write a chapter in another book, gives me the opportunity to ‘come clean’ and write my story under my own name, and I feel freer already!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you…you’ve given me an answer to my worry and doubt!
    With love and gratitude
    Lorrayne Robbinz

  • T

    Wow! I was feeling guilty that I had not made much movement on my goals. I can feel it, right within reach but blockage after blockage keeps me in the same spot. The weeds are time, space and finances since those are the things needed to move to my next faze. I do muscle testing to check in with myself over tough questions and no matter how many times I’ve asked. I keep getting “wait”. This podcast was such a breath of fresh air. You show us how to navigate the energies and to use them for greater purpose. I so truly appreciate what you share of yourself. Thank you!!

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