October 2020 Forecast: Your Future is Out in the Adventure

Your dream needs a nutrient that you don’t presently have. Time to go on that adventure to find it. 😉

In this month’s forecast learn:

  • How October (a 5 Universal Month) is actually a sneak peek into 2021 (a 5 Universal Year)
  • Why THIS is the month to take calculated risks (and what can happen if you decide not to)
  • What could be holding you back from making positive changes in your life (a DEFINITE blind spot for us all! Yikes!)
  • And I reveal October’s Numerology Challenge, which can help you bust through the above block like a warrior

The October Numerology Challenge: 5 Changes for Your Dream


  1. Revisit what you are wanting to create or manifest. What has been on your heart throughout 2020, that you want to see come to fruition? Write it down.
  2. Come up with 5 changes you can make or risks that you can take, to get outside your comfort zone and go for that dream.
  3. Schedule these 5 changes into your calendar for October, and DO them!

Are you willing to step outside the confines of your kingdom, and become the adventurer you need to be? Let me know if you are up for the challenge in the comments below.

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BIG, warm hugs…

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18 comments to " October 2020 Forecast: Your Future is Out in the Adventure "

  • Kyls

    I’m in. Thank you Nat.

    I don’t know what all my adventure/risk moves will be to get my dreams of making my own show happening. But one will be to be ‘seen’, something this introvert hates. I will try to get my show ideas before people in some way, risking rejection, but finally giving the ideas a chance to grow roots.

    My 5 year last year was one of the most fun years of my life. I traveled to the okavango delta in Botswana, and to Japan, and tried many new things. Oh the delights of this planet you are open to them and to adventure. VIVA LA 5!!

    Thank you Nat, and thank you to the 5.


    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Kyls!!! You totally understand the 5 <3 <3 <3 Excitement at the possibility of what amazing things are on the horizon. And yes... speak up. Take the risk. It will move you.

      • Kyls

        Dear Nat, I just bought your ‘Manifest wit the Zero’ downloads as one of my 5 new adventures for the October Challenge! Yipee!

        I have a small question if you have time for it…. we’re all following this big external universal 5 into it’s call to adventure. But how does one’s own Personal Month vibe effect how one should approach the 5 Universal? My personal month is 7. And they do seem to contradict each other a little, especially in the ‘getting out and about’ department. Hope it’s ok to ask. I hope to go fearlessly into the 5 without the 7 making me come a cropper!!


        • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

          congrats on buying the Manifest with the Zero program! Yay! To answer your question: your personal month gives you a clue as to how you might better access this energy out there. So… with the 7… maybe you will be called to make changes around study, research, changing up your spiritual routine or practice, changing the way that you access peace and serenity. I hope that helps!

  • Bryan Devore

    The 5 makes me think here hold my beer, wine or vodka and watch this! I am all in on this!!! The last time I told someone I was an Explorer, they laughed at me and said what is that besides a joke than I needed to take life more serious! I just simply replied I am an Explorer!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      ohhh yes! And I was thinking about doing a follow-up podcast OR IG Video on the difference between a calculated risk for your dream vs. escapism/hedonism. The 5 wants us to NOT do the latter. lol.

  • Heidi Brung- Hustad

    Thank you so much NAT ?
    Tomorrow I will tell my boss that I will stop working in the kindergarden ( i have been doing that for more than 25 years). Then I have three months more to work there. And I will start working as a EQ- theraphist.
    I got my examn in Eq november last year.. i have been scared to start by my own- asking my selg if I really will make a difference in other people life with my knowledge. Now I will push my doubhts away and jump into it.❤️

  • Jen

    My biggest issue over the past several months is de icing which dream is the most pressing, most urgent! I think it is to get my body into great physical shape, becoming physically stronger and eating healthier foods more consistently. So maybe my first risk will be to calendar workouts and stay committed to them. Thank you for your wonderful podcasts and inspiration

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Look! You already know! And remember, that ALL our desires lead to the same watershed. Getting into great physical shape will bring you closer to those other dreams on the horizon. 😉

    • Karen

      Haha i get it !
      I have felt like the doormat for the past 4 years an recently i don the robe an took a risk of leaving my relationship. So far its been a bumpy road. I can feel the change an i am scheduling in my dreams an desires for 2021.

  • Emily Bee

    Hello Nat and listeners ??
    Thank you Nat for your inspiration, encouragement and beautiful soul.
    I have been trying to manifest a job overseas. I feel like I’ve tried everything!!! I can’t even think of 5 risks to take! I can’t think of any more actions to take that I haven’t tried. I resonate so much with the four energy of feeling so loyal to my dream that im stuck in it! I’m a 4 life path so I guess this is my comfort zone! I would love to embody the 5 but I’m fresh out of ideas ?‍♀️

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Is there a bold change you could make on your resume? Can you call someone that you knew in the past, who is connected to overseas companies? Start brainstorming – and write things down EVEN if they seem ridiculous, outside the box, or weird. 😉 Small changes and risks count, too!

  • Katie

    Hi Nat! Salivating, huh? I’m fascinated. I have a few of those dreams. I’m spending most of my day in my home gym right now, rowing my ass off on my machine and boxing like Muhammad Ali. No visible results yet, but I feel awesome. I’m glad you explained the difference between the 1 and the 5. I had some confusion there. I have totally been waiting for everybody else to cue me to change. Waiting for my mother to call me down to the gym to exercise with her. Waiting for that guy to break up with his latest girlfriend to tell him I care about him. Waiting for that old crush to send me a Facebook friend request. I’m tired of waiting. Happy October, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Wow! You’re kicking butt!! 😀 Happy October, girl. <3

      • Katie

        Let me rephrase something. I keep waiting for my mother’s permission to do certain things. She’s very overprotective. Borderline controlling. I’m stuck on my rowing machine because she won’t LET me run on our street, where there is no sidewalk and someone got hit last year. Any advice on how to deal with this head-butting is welcome ?

  • Danielle Anjou

    WOW NAT YOU ARE BRILLIANT GIRL!!! This is so helpful right now??????

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