November’s Numerology Guide: Growth Catalyzed By Love

The 6 wants to bring growth, healing, and love into the ecosystem of your life.

But as always, the Universe, or what I call the Zero Point Field, needs your participation if you want to receive these gifts.

In this month’s forecast learn:

  • A perspective/mindset shift that you need to make, so you can see what you desire, bloom
  • The powerful question that can unlock how you might be sabotaging next-level growth in your life
  • And I reveal November’s Numerology Challenge, which will help you activate the growth and healing that you need, no matter what is going on around you

The November Numerology Challenge: 6 Acts of Love


  1. Revisit what you are wanting to create or manifest. What has been on your heart throughout 2020, that you want to see come to fruition? Write it down.
  2. What might you do to neglect and ignore this desire? If that dream or desire was something that you loved, if it was a precious baby, how might you turn away from it and starve it?
  3. What would it look like to love on, nurture and care for this desire, at a level that you never have before? Brainstorm on 6 gestures of love, schedule them in your calendar, and DO them!


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BIG, warm hugs…

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12 comments to " November’s Numerology Guide: Growth Catalyzed By Love "

  • Katie

    Love the new name. I’ll sign up for a session with you once I save up a little more. My bank account is enmeshed in getting a medical issue solved right now. I might have to carry some energy of the 5 into this month to get the problem solved. I’d love to have a session with you, though. I’m a 4 Life Path with a 3 Heart’s Desire and a 9 Expression Number. Untangle that one. My dream is definitely throwing a tantrum. I can’t work out because of this medical issue, and all I want to do is punch a punching bag. I’m about to start yelling at doctors like they’re bullying my kid on the playground. It’s making me neglect my dreams of fitness and a thinner body. I’m scheduling in some at-home spa days to relieve some stress as we speak. Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Happy Thanksgiving, Katie! It could be that your body needs that extra rest to heal on a deeper level and come back ON TOP! <3 Lots of hugs sent your way...

  • Elly

    Omg I love Billie Eilish live version of ocean eyes?and hahaaaaa problem child Elsie I love it. So messed up how most caregivers will say to ignore tantrums so as to not give attention to negative behavior. So antiquated. When ever I have tantrums its because I need help or attention and my nice words arent working lol. Your cast is right on as usual. Since corona I have been starving my dream. I havent given up but everyday I wrestle with feeling selfish for wanting to do my own homework, when I am supposed to be helping my kids with theirs. I struggle asking my own mom gor help with childcare so that 2x a week I can go work on my internship, guilt that my husband is paying for thinks I’m just messing around. On and on. I am so focused on pleasing these people in my life that I am doubting my abilities and putting my studies second, only studying in between helping others. So it seems hard because am not studying, but really I just am not loving on this magical and unique thing I am creating. I am self banishing my own desires. I am astounded by the need for this work, especially in today’s world. I will look at this differently now, and allow it’s importance to me to matter by giving it my time and prioritizing it the way I want to. Perfect reminder, magic 6. Thank you??

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I so relate to ALL of this!!! We can do this. We can love on this precious new baby… and allow it to create healing and harmony in our environment. Happy mommas are magical.

  • Stu Kirk

    I am in for the November challenge Nat. Great Podcast as always 🙂

  • Philippe Chapel

    Dear Nat,
    I am a 6 Life Path number and Yes….in November I had a tendency to neglect the dream that I had pictured clearly on my computer screen as you had suggested in one of your Monthly Challenges earlier in this weard year.
    So your November podcast feels like spot on for me and I WILL pick myself up again as from today and devote to the five experiences that shape my dream and that I want to attract in my physical world. I will DO the six things this month, to cherish my dream.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me and put&keep me on my rails in 2020!??
    Philippe from Brussels

  • Brie Randall

    So what if your dream has been to leave your jerk husband but you can’t because you have small children and are completely financially dependent on him and have no job?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Ohhh girl. I feel this. There are times in our lives when we are faced with legitimate crises. I just did a YouTube video on the Law of Attraction during Challenging Times. It won’t fix everything, but it has helped clients who are facing true darkness/turmoil. Biggest hugs…

  • Katie

    Me again. I hadn’t really felt the 6 energy of this month until the day before yesterday. My father made a comment about my brother’s cat being the only grandchild he’ll ever have. I’d give anything to be married with children, and he straight up implied that that is never going to happen. Would you like a glass of water to wash down your foot, Dad? Then today, he tries to act like he didn’t just make me cry my eyes out a couple days ago. That was when I realized how I’ve been ignoring my dream of having my own family. Time to start loving on that dream

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