The REAL Meaning of 11:11

We are doing a DEEP dive into the true meaning of 11:11 in this month’s episode.

If you have always wanted to know what this repeating number is all about, from a Numerologist who has been practicing, researching and coaching for over a decade… here it is. I am giving it all away.

Also… now is the perfect time to talk about and cover this because the 11 truly is a doorway into new beginnings… and we are right on the precipice of a brand new year!

Whether you are seeing 11’s or not, if you are ready to press that reset button, clean the slate and start anew, this episode is for you. (And if you have ANY 1’s or 11’s in your core chart this episode/mini workshop might shake you – in a good way).

I am going to be revealing:

  • The developmental phases of manifestation in numerology, and why the 1 is ESSENTIAL in creating what you actually want
  • The PROFOUND meaning of seeing ANY repeating number and the first thing you must do when it happens if you want to activate magic in your life (vs become one of those superstitious, disempowered souls)
  • The reason why we are collectively seeing 11’s more than ever before (and the epidemic that our society is experiencing as a whole that needs to be remedied)
  • The actual meaning of the number 1 in Numerology that is based ancient mathematics and sacred geometry (not on a channeled/personal message)
  • The unusual thing that happens when the 1 is taking root or showing up in our lives… (pssst. if you are extra anxious lately, this might be an a-ha moment!)
  • A warning of what might happen if you do not heed this number
  • And what you must know and choose if you want to play with this magic and access new beginnings, that are FINALLY true to you.

TIME STAMPS of the Episode

  • 3:30 – The developmental phases of 1-9
  • 6:00 – What happens if you do not heed the message of the 1
  • 6:50 – The PROFOUND meaning of seeing ANY repeating number (and what to do first when you see them!)
  • 10:29 – The REAL meaning of the 1 or 11:11 in Numerology based on ancient mathematics and sacred geometry
  • 17:05 – The weird thing that might happen when you are called by the 1 or the 11
  • 31:52 – What to affirm, think about and journal on to leverage the 1
  • 35:05 – A warning of what could happen if you do not embrace this number

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BIG, warm hugs…

Your spiritual-bestie, Nat

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12 comments to " The REAL Meaning of 11:11 "

  • Toni

    Greetings Nat!, Happy Holidays.

    Wow! This podcast of the 11:11 was so profound and powerful. Thank you so much for the offering. Wanted to call out to you that during the podcast your poetic sacred sound (your voice) was talking about our container, (and at that moment a train could be heard in the background)and my enhanced active listening was listening to you and heard the train chugging along. Further along, you were speaking about the 1 and new beginnings, and again the metaphoric sound of grass getting mowed was in the background. Freshness and aliveness. Also, had to laugh when you spoke about the The Breakfast Club, and mentioned the life path #5 was a criminal! Because of course that would be me…I am that I am…and love all parts of me! In my chart my sun is and 8, and my expression is also and 8! Looking forward to leaping into my wholeness, and co-creating unity, and peace with all of humanity! Peace, and unconditional love for us all.

  • Lea

    Wow……it was amazing…..I had to listen twice,,,,,Thank you more than you can imagine….

  • Marilyn

    This was one of the most (if not THE most) impactful and revelatory of your podcasts. For me, a 1 life path and 1 expression number, this was like an arrow to my heart.. in a good way. I will revisit this one because there is SO MUCH to integrate here! Everything you said about the 1 rang true for me. And I enjoyed the side note about 5.. which is my hearts desire number and personality number! What a combo🤭 thank you Nat for an outstanding and meaningful pod cast!❤️❤️


      Mwah! <3

    • Elly

      Omg. I love when you use movies to shed number light for us. Love it. As a 3 I have been thinking all week about how the three in the breakfast club was…. the princess! Lololol. I was totally blindsided when you said that as I assumed three was the eccentric weird girl doing dandruff on the drawing!! All week I’ve been thinking of this! Do princesses know? Is that why I precieve people looking at me like I’m naive or spoiled? Is that who I am? I swear this wasn’t trivial for me. Lol. But the more I looked the more I saw it and I got tears thinking about how in the end the princess in the breakfast club took the two would be pieces of shit, shined them up and fell in love with them. She gives him her earing, a piece of her shine. It’s fucking amazing. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t wait for whatever you have in store.


        OMG I love this sharing SOOOO much Elly! Not trivial at all – and THIS >>> “in the end the princess in the breakfast club took the two would be pieces of shit, shined them up and fell in love with them.” CHILLS!

  • Marilyn

    Ok yes, it’s me again:) just listened to this for the third time.. so much great stuff here! I am so grateful to you for sharing your work so generously:)❤️❤️

  • Kelly

    Wow – so spot on. I see the number 11 constantly and all I could find on the web was new beginnings but your explanation was so insightful and an exact match to what is going on. Now the question is who am I, what do I want and do I have the guts to go get it. Your strong message spoke to me, Thanks Nat! Love your podcasts 🙂

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! I haven’t checked in in a while. I wasn’t really resonating with your new format. This one caught my eye because I always glance at the clock at the :11 of every hour. I’m typing this response at 8:11 pm. My brother’s jersey number in soccer was 11. My favorite hockey player’s number was 11. I feel like I have a real problem choosing myself, always putting my needs aside to make others happy. Other people would call me a spoiled brat, who is always receiving. What can I say? Nice things come to nice people. I got a real lesson in who I am lately. My first love from high school just moved back home after living out of state for many years. The love of my life. I spent years denying that he was The One and that I still love him. I’m a grown woman now, but he still makes my heart happy. I never thought my prayers and spiritual practices would actually bring me something this good. I’ve dated other men. I’ve dated other men. But Will is my soul, and he’s finally home. I’m tired of pretending I don’t still care about him and miss him. I’m a 9 Expression Number and I totally understand your take on that. I’m finally being honest with myself, and I hope I’m not fooling myself. Thank you for this, Nat.

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