2024’s Numerology Workshop: Defy the Odds & Manifest at New Levels

It is here, you guys! 2024 is an 8 Universal Year! The vibe of the 8: ‘Let’s. Freakin. Go.’

In this podcast episode I am going to be revealing:

  • What is in store for us in 2024 according to Numerology
  • The 3 magical tools you gotta use if you want next-level abundance and success
  • Homework to reflect on and gain clarity around what is next for you (and what to focus on)
  • The top blocks to look out for and neutralize that will hold you back this year
  • And the exact work I give clients that are wanting to manifest at new and greater levels (from over a decade of coaching 8 life paths and people in 8 cycles).

Journal prompts/magical tools to work on in 2024:

  1. Integrate >>> Write down what you discovered or unearthed in 2023: What unique calling, message, purpose or desire emerged? And then ask yourself, what goal or goals for 2024 align with that?
  2. Take Back Your Power >>> Who or what might you still give your power away to? Who are you waiting to give you permission to be who you want to be or do what you want to do? What does it look like when you give your power away to them? And what would be the opposite habit of that?
  3. Discipline >>> Develop the skill of deliberate, focused, consistent action. Revisit the goal(s) from tool #1 and ask yourself daily: “What are the 3 most important things I need to get done today, to move the needle on this goal?” And then go do them!

Want more help with the topic of this month? JOIN the 7th FLOOR over on PATREON! On the 7th floor we dive deeper into the topic of the month through a bonus audio that is delivered by the 15th of each month. This month I am going to be answering a listener question on the 8 – and manifestation. Leave your question below (was there a tool or piece of homework that was harder for you? A block or trigger that came up?). Let me know below.

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BIG, warm hugs…


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3 comments to " 2024’s Numerology Workshop: Defy the Odds & Manifest at New Levels "

  • Pietro spadafora

    I love that way you explain numbers how they ate . Also your passion. Comes through in your words. You have given me a new insight how letting myself create a new me. In taking action discipline focus to thexnext level thanks bat

  • Elly

    As a long time listener, you have been a background of proof for me. I adore this, I’m about to listen again for round 2 this time with pen and paper, your excercises are always so clarifying and practical. And the movie montages! Omg!! Toe pick!
    On another note: I could glean your wisdom all day on the shape and look of each number and how that encompases their meanings. Fascinating magical wow.

    • natalie@natsnumbers.com

      ELLY!!! thank you for being on this journey with me! We are going to make 2024 the best year yet (if only because we step more into our power). (TOE PICK! lol! SUCH A GOOD MOVIE)

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