The Meaning of Seeing Repeating Numbers: It’s Not What You Think

A lot of energy is put into decoding the messages of repeating numbers, yet we totally bypass the most important question: Why does this phenomenon occur in the first place and what does it mean about you?

In this episode I’m going to be revealing:

  • The particular subset of the population that typically sees repeating numbers
  • The deeper meaning of why you are seeing repeating number sequences
  • And I am also going to be revealing why, in our present culture and society, the repeating number 11 is the most dominant symbol showing up right now.

Listen in below!

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Big hugs!

P.S. What questions do you have about repeating numbers? The most common questions posted below will become future episodes!

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16 comments to " The Meaning of Seeing Repeating Numbers: It’s Not What You Think "

  • Charlott

    I would love to here more about master Numbers , since im an 11 lifepath and born on a 22 dag . Its confusing many time when i read about the 2 and 4 in Numerology and i dont really relate. I m a 7 expression nr , so i really want to know, you know! 🙂


    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Thanks, Charlotte! Maybe I should do a whole podcast devoted to the 11, the 22, the 33? I’ll ponder that. 😉

      • Charlott

        Oh, yes please?
        Love your podcasts and monthly forcasts, they allways brings me in a aha! Ok, now i know! Or yes! Thats what i was thinking of! Kind of mood?

      • Bee

        I really appreciate what you do and am greatful as all of this feels like me walking in a pitch black room, feeling my way through. I have been seeing 1144, 144, x44, 44. I search and read nothing that is of much help but this episode kind of relieved me a bit, helping me understand the underlying reason.

        • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

          So happy it gave you some relief! And if you don’t already follow me on Facebook (natsnumebers) or Instagram (numerologychick) – go and check out those accounts. I posted a brief write up on seeing repeating 4’s. 😉

  • Bryan Devore

    Quick question. I see the multiple numbers everyday all day long. My question is, when it happens I close my eyes to connect to source to hear the message. Am I doing the right thing or can the message be something else? Just not 100% sure what to do when I do see the numbers.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      First off, you can never go wrong with using these synchronous moments as opportunities to connect with the divine. Ultimately all the number messages are trying to lead you back into that realm. Still, it can be really helpful to understand the language of symbolism to better navigate. Sometimes we unconsciously know something, but are not conscious of its deeper meaning. The program linked above can help you with that. 😉

  • Hope

    Is it the same for mirror numbers? Although I see repeated numbers of late I am seeing more mirror numbers. Ie. 12:21, 13:31 14:41, 15:51. Your comment would be appreciated.
    Hope. Thanks Nat.

  • Sky

    Thanks Nat, really good topic. I am interested to hear your take on us folks that have been on the spiritual path for years, and we still get these numerical synchronicities. My inner shaman is saying that its just Spirit’s way of keeping us reminded of the connection, doesn’t matter how long we may have been on the path. And pondering… if we stop seeing them after all our inner work and evolution, could that mean that we have merged with Spirit enough that we don’t need the reminder anymore? Or could there be some actual energetic coding that is being imparted in the numbers depending on our needs at the time…Guess we’ll find out someday. Thanks for stretching my mind about this. 🙂

    Btw, I looked at my clock during the podcast and it said 2:22…lol

  • Paul

    Hi so a repeating number(s) I have experienced is 444 or 44. Which I was told means there is danger present or a warning, can you help understand this. Thanks Paul

  • Aurea

    Hi Nat, it’s really amazing how things happen in life when need help. I woke up early this morning and the first thought that came to my head was I needed to reconnect to the divine. I thought about how I had allowed myself to think I was alone. When I came to the computer and started listening to you I got goosebumps. Your message was reassuring what I thought.

    I’m going through health problems which made me lose hope.

    Thank you so much for helping me find my spiritual path back.

    Sorry for my English. I’m not a native speaker

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Great English, Aurea! I am so happy that this episode helped. That divine energy is supporting you in healing. Big hugs… <3

  • Beth

    I see 77 all over the place. ?

    Thanks for all you share, I appreciate you so much!

  • Ric

    Can you help me with 444? I see it quite often. Im going through al ot of transition at the moment and I feel like 444 has some much needed answers. Thanks

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