May’s 2022 Numerology Guide: Busting Through to the Next-Level

There comes a time when the model of life that we’ve been living in can no longer contain our potential or our vision. We must break through and break into our own special, next level space.

That time is now.

In this month’s guide we cover:

  • Why the master number 11 of May is INCREDIBLY powerful for attracting the big breakthroughs or realizations of your desires
  • Why you absolutely shouldn’t play it safe and stay in comfy, cushy places right now if you want to keep the momentum flowing
  • The key to being able to access the clarity and next-steps you need to rise into your highest potential
  • And 3 tips (straight from the wisdom of a famous character) to bust through IMPOSSIBLY HARD blocks so you can commit to next level transformation, NOW

Your Notes for Being Successful in May

#1) Prioritize time to be in your own energy, daily. In the morning, feel what it feels like to be you vs them. You can do this by journaling or meditating, by getting clear on your intentions, on what inspires you, pulls you, lifts you. You can do this by singing, dancing, or by working out so you can feel your muscles, your body, your container, YOU. The key is feeling yourself, your body and your inner voice.

#2) Consider spending less time consuming other people’s thoughts/roles/realities this month. You can still do social media and podcasts and TV… but try to make a practice of doing it after you have first checked in with yourself. Where is my energy and inspiration right now? What is my heart saying it needs? 

#3) During this me-time above, be open to the unique nudges, ideas and inspirations that come through. Listen to them. Don’t disregard them. They will be the breadcrumbs that will lead you out of paradigms that are not yours and breaking into touching, feeling, experiencing the new reality that is truly available and aligned with you. 

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BIG, warm hugs…

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19 comments to " May’s 2022 Numerology Guide: Busting Through to the Next-Level "

  • Laurie

    Wow, spot on as always. The energetic shift has been building. 2 weeks ago, I decided to take the month of May off from my online tutoring business. I felt the need to focus on me and my creative self. Guess I was waiting for May!

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! Happy May! 11/2 months are always intense for me. It’s not even May yet, and I’m already recovering from a second degree burn on my leg from spilling scalding hot coffee. Not a very auspicious ending to April. I’m almost too distracted by pain to listen to this podcast. I did realize today that I have been limiting myself in a lot of ways. Tomorrow I’m going to see the new Dr. Strange movie, solely to look at Benedict Cumberbatch. My brother wants so badly for me to love superhero movies, but I just don’t. But if I get to enjoy Cumberbatch, I’m in. And frankly, I don’t get out enough. I want to have more fun, after 18 months of being quarantined in my house and wearing a mask. I’m enjoying my boxing and yoga before I even speak to my family in the morning right now. And, of course, my Benedict dreams ??. I hope I made sense and didn’t ramble on too much. Have a great spring, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I love this check in, Katie! The 11 loves dreaming and fantasizing, 😉

      • Katie Maniaci

        Thank you. I was a little out of it from trauma.

        • Andrea

          Hi Nat, this is another on point and much appreciated episode. So much of what you describe is relevant for me it’s almost spooky. The thought experiment you published last week really dragged up some deep and poignant things and this episode just carries forward from there. It’s a bumpy ride at this time but ignoring my inner voice simply isn’t an option any longer. It’s time to dive in…..

          With much appreciation and respect.


  • Bryan

    Nat, Thank You once again for opening my eyes into reality! You are Amazing!

  • Gina Walton

    Nat, I love your insights! Thank you for these monthly numerology guides. I find them so delightful and I enjoy listening to your voice too! ?

  • Elizabeth Dansby

    OMG this 11 is no joke and it’s not even May yet! ?

    I am having a hard time getting to the part where I can touch the sky and walk through that exit door. My vision for my life feels so clear and it is MAGICAL, but I have developed so many healing gifts along my journey and it’s so tempting to put my dreams aside and do energy healing and coaching for other people, even though it drains me. And it seems like people need my help more than ever. It feels so wrong to stay committed to my vision and it also feels like if I don’t fight for it, I will stay perpetually in a state of living to support other people. My core chart with its 9, 2, and 6 are so service oriented… it is hard to break free into the next level of service that also fulfills MY dreams! Thanks for another great podcast to help me keep pushing. ?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Lol! The 11 is NO JOKE, I know! It knows that the zero/teh Universe seeded YOUR dreams there for a reason; because it will serve more powerfully than the previous paradigms.

      • Elizabeth Dansby

        Thank you! I feel like I am really getting it! This is exciting! It helps so much to really be able to see that this paradigm is just a paradigm and not my reality! ???

  • Marcela

    Thanks Dr. Natalie. It’s very important to me I will be able to listen her pronostic about me each month. Thankful to you and blessings for everything. Cordial Regards. Marcela

  • Katie Maniaci

    Me again! I just realized another way I’m completely connecting with the 11 this month. I went on my first run around our subdivision in three years. Part of the reason I stopped running was because, if you can believe this, my mother wouldn’t LET me. There was a fatal hit and run at the entrance of our subdivision a couple years ago, this terrified my mother. I was actually forbidden to do one of my favorite things in the world. After A LOT of negotiating, my well-meaning mother has finally loosened her grip and decided to ALLOW me to start running by myself again. I lived in her reality for two years. The “reality” that an isolated incident (which, don’t get me wrong, was awful) meant that I would instantly get hit by a car if I ran again. My mother convinced herself that there was a vehicular serial killer in our subdivision, so I had to spend a ton of money on a rowing machine if I ever wanted to do cardio again. After endless negotiation and finally putting my foot down, I’m running again. Sometimes, motherly fear gets out of control. I have to do what I need to for me, and my mother needs to respect that. Just another way I’m feeling the crazy energy of the 11 so far this month.

  • Leanne

    Hi! I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I’m excited to! I’m a life path 11 and decided it’s time to do ayahuasca for the first time, THIS MONTH! Reading this definitely feels right. Excited to listen!

    • Leanne

      Wow! I very often say I feel like I’m living in the Truman show. Listening to this makes me so emotional. Especially when you share about him facing his greatest fear, and that’s when he can get to that truth.

  • Maria Edith

    Like always you are amazing Nat 🙂

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