March 2021 Numerology Guide: Manifesting Higher Standards

Are you surrounded by low standards? About to give up on your dream? Don’t. The 8 is here to help you break through.

In this month’s guide learn:

  • How the 8 of this month amps up your manifestation power
  • The variety of pain that you might experience right before a miracle
  • And I reveal the March Numerology Challenge, where we incorporate THREE manifestation secrets so you leverage this POTENT power (we won’t feel this energy again until December!)

The March Numerology Challenge: Be the CEO of your Dream


  1. Make a wish. What change do you want to manifest this month? Make sure this wish is something BIGGER or BETTER than you have wished for before. Write it down: I want to improve my income by $5000. I want to manifest a promotion. I want to manifest confidence when I walk into a room. Choose one thing to focus on.
  2. Ask yourself, what BOLD, action steps can get me closer to manifesting this? If you were the kick-butt CEO of your wish, what items would you write down on your to-do list? Choose your top 4!
  3. Execute. It isn’t enough to think of these 4 things! You have to go and take action on them. Schedule one in for each week this month!

Are you joining me in this challenge? Comment below and share what your first bold action is going to be!

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BIG, warm hugs…

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18 comments to " March 2021 Numerology Guide: Manifesting Higher Standards "

  • Poppy

    I’m All In Nat!

  • Katie

    Hi Nat! I’m here to talk your ear off again! I just realized how much I ramble on in response to my astrologers and numerologists. Everything you say just resonates so much, month after month. I want a reading with you as soon as I save up a little more. I totally get the “irritated by ambition” thing. My mother is very overprotective, not wanting me to run anymore because it’s too dangerous. I see people out running in our neighborhood all the time, not getting hit by a car like she’s afraid I’m going to. I am fed up with this quarantine, fed up with being stuck in my house, and fed up with being treated like a two year old. I do feel like an extra in my own life. I want to finally be treated like an adult by my parents. I’m going to start running ahead of her and my brother on our family hikes. I’ve also really been procrastinating on learning how to carve wood like my grandma did, and learning how to play guitar. Time to start practicing and stop sitting around staring at my phone all day. Happy March, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      These inspirations are AMAZING!!! Put them in your calendar. They are MAGIC. Big hugs (and P.S. I love your sharing!)

      • Katie

        Already in my calendar! I’m moving my grandma’s wood carving tools to a more convenient room to carve in first thing in the morning.

  • Philippe Chapel

    YES! I’m IN !!!!
    Thank YOU so much!

  • Hi Natalie,

    This month certainly feels different from the past two months. I can finally breathe! I’m working on creating 7 printables to sell then I’m going to apply for an LLC and a stripe account. Afterwards, I’ll set up an online store and start promoting my products. Please wish me all the best on my journey to being a CEO.

  • Yasmin Thiesen

    Hahaha I am an 8 life path and I loved this movie ???? And I so know the low standards that don’t want me to measure up to my full potential but I am totally going for it now! One question: I calculated my achievement number (3) and if you add it to the actual month number (8) I get 2! So for me this is actually a 2 month! Which one is more important or has more weight?

  • Velizara Ivanova

    Wow ???I’ve enjoyed it so much! Thank you sweet Nat again and again so inspiring to listen to you!
    And yeh that was a good movie indeed so much to learn from! ❤️

  • I finally get why the universe has completely upended all my hopes and dreams..I was planning a life with a man who has low standards, in which I would never succeed. He frustrated me so much! I’ve been struggling to understand why we split up but now that this realisation has hit me, I totally get it! Without him I have the drive and the opportunity to really reach for the stars and the space to meet someone who has the same dream as me. Thank you Nat for bringing me closure and hope for an exciting month! Funny enough I had an idea this morning that just might turn everything around financially so it’s bang on time. Love to you! x

  • Monika DePriest


    Hi! It’s Monika. Gurl, I’m telling you . . . THIS couldn’t have resonated deeper. Each and every word. You voice calms me and your words invite me into a space of deep introspection. I feel that I’m Constantly in an introspective space, so that’s always fun to observe. Thank you for taking time to offer your beautiful gifts of knowledge and loving insight through verbal language. You are a gift to me.

  • Chenin Madden

    I”m in! I love the 8 being a fellow 8 Lifepath and also this is a full moon in Virgo to start it off which works for me! Not sure what big actions steps I’m going to take as yet, but I will think of something:)

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