July 2019 Numerology Forecast: The Eccentric New Beginning

This month is an unusual and eccentric new beginning. Find out why – and what you need to do to catalyze this fresh start in your life.

P.S. What is the way that YOU connect to the divine? I would love to learn more about you in the comments section below. 🙂

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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


27 comments to " July 2019 Numerology Forecast: The Eccentric New Beginning "

  • Katie Maniaci

    Happy July, Nat! My family and I were just talking about this month’s energy without even realizing it. My folks asked me if I wanted to go on a hike with them tomorrow. Good idea, except I know I’m going to listen to nothing but Marvel movie talk the whole time. I am so sick of those movies! I’m thinking of starting my own workout again, with my yoga and boot camp routine. That’s me. Also me is the reconnecting with some of my best friends from high school I’ve been doing. I’m not me without this particular group of people. Thanks for helping me realize that in this episode! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristen

    Nat, this was amazing.
    I am a long time listener, first time commenter. I am a triple 7 with a 3 personality number and I was audibly laughing at the sasquatch mention while I was looking at my bigfoot tattoo (the word big on my right foot). Not only have you expressed the frustration that I know everyone has been feeling – with such grace – but you also describe the 7 in such a way that alleviates some of the confusion.
    Thanks Nat. Keep up the great work.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Kristen! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and let me know you’re out there. 😉 And omg… lol…. your tattoo. How perfect is that???

  • Susan Barnes

    Hi, Nat! I have a 61/7 from total vowels and consonants. Is this what you mean by “7” expression?

  • Katie

    I forgot to mention music. Much of how I reconnect with my source, my divine, is through listening to music

  • Marie

    Literally the weirdest day ever. Started with an old flame calling me out of the blue and professing his undying love for me and a couple hours later receiving a call from this new man I have had a five dates/outings with telling me “I don’t want any romantic or committed relationship with you.” WTH

  • Priscilla Oehlschlaeger

    Funny as hell. Teaching a fabulous class in Cos-Play to 7-10 year old Designer’s. After my classes I go to fabulous park to be refueled. Realized I am surrounded by cars swirling by close by. So I go deeper in the woods only to be surprised by families struggling to get the kid’s to walk over the bridge. Finally retreat back to my Meditation space in my bedroom. Close the door and just sink in the thought, Use me oh God to do all that I can do to help these children listen to the creative spirit within to imagine and free to create.
    Best class ever. Blessed by amazing donations that gives the kid’s amazing materials to work with. Estounding work. I stand in in the wind and sun early in the morning before I go to class.
    Thank you so much. Perfect timing.

  • Doug Smith

    Loved this one. Never felt special as a 7 until listening to this. I’d accidentally left my iTunes playing ‘Lux’ by Brian Eno when starting to listen, but didn’t stop it as it was the perfect accompaniment – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gvw2Z2VzOI THANK YOU for another inspiring, insightful post 🙂

  • Hi Nat. I’m feeling so strange this month. Waking up with a lot of creative (business) ideas that feel awesome and scary at the same time. I constantly feel frustrated with the work that I’m currently doing, and when I’m in company I feel like I want to be alone. I’ve always liked the sound of silence and spend time in nature, however it seems like there’s a subtle energy pulling my arm, wanting me to not only think about it, but jump on a bicycle and go spend some time in nature. I’m still resisting it, because I want to stay productive and always have so many things to do. But, sometimes it’s like I can not progress, and just need to drop everything to just be quiet for a while. I’m happy to hear this months information, as it will help me to recognize that it’s time to go deeper within and reconnect to nature and spirit. Thank you Nat. Have a wonderful time.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      PAUL! You are describing the interplay of these number to a TEE! It feels counter-intuitive, but the more that you connect with that spiritual realm, the more successful we become. Have a wonderful month and enjoy the bicycle rides!

  • Rena

    So intriguing this month. 7’s are my main number. They are everywhere. I was born on the seventh. What you have to say about the seven has totally made up my mind to plan on a session sooner than later. I have been a mystery to myself for so long. I cannot wait to learn more. Thank you so much for this little bit of insight. You are such an inspiration. Your Manifesting with the Zero was outstanding. I cannot wait to learn more! Have a fabulous July.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Have a fabulous July, Rena! And it makes me SOOO happy to hear that your have activated the zero. *high five*

  • Elly

    ❤ beautiful
    Qi gong is my 7
    Teaching it is my 3
    I love this

  • Maria Victor-Smith

    I understood the message. How do I connect?

  • Enrique

    In the show notes you asked what are the ways we connect with the divine. I do a daily spiritual gem from Jen Sincero’s book you are a bad ass everyday. I meditate 7 days a week while listening to different hz frequencies (528, 174, 417, 852, etc). I study learning videos from my field (education), and I am slowly but surely working towards my first book series coming into fruition. Shalom Nat ???‍♂️ #1010 #1111 #1212 #222

  • Katie

    I just realized how this month’s energy has applied to me. I’ve really had to learn how to spend time alone and entertain myself this month. My whole family has been so wrapped up in their own drama that trying to squeeze a hike or a family card game in is like pulling teeth. As a result, I’ve spent a lot more time on Facebook, reconnecting with my best friends from high school. I’ve rediscovered 16 year old Katie. It’s a great feeling, because 37 year old Katie is having a bit of a rough time right now. . My closest friends from high school remind me of how optimistic, independent, and happy go lucky I used to be and are showing me how to be that way again. I’m so excited for August’s 2 energy!

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