December’s 2022 Numerology: You are done. And that is key.

If you are done, fed up and at your wit’s end… then you are right on time and right where you need to be.

December is here to help you clean house.

In this month’s podcast, learn:

  • The area of your life where you will be called to cleanse, release and let go
  • And why the above is KEY to making 2023 your best year yet (and having an enchanting life)!

Journal prompts/steps for ‘being done’ this month

  1. Identify what you are done with. Use the following questions to help tap into this and refine this awareness:
    1. What did I care about in 2022, that I shouldn’t have cared about?
    2. What did I give my attention to in 2022, that takes away from what really matters?
    3. What did I learn is NOT serving my purpose, my mission or my dream?
  2. Once you get a strong hit on what you are ‘done with,’ write out: “I am done with _________.  I am releasing this behavior, this quality, this thing from my world.”
  3. Then, identify what the opposite of the above is. “I am now committed to _______. This is my amulet, my key, my focus as I step into 2023! This is what I am now available for.”

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9 comments to " December’s 2022 Numerology: You are done. And that is key. "

  • Katie Maniaci

    Hi Nat! Knowing that this is a 12 month makes all kinds of sense. I recently ended both a flirtation I was never fully comfortable with, and a longtime torch I carried for someone from high school that needed to put out a long time ago. It took until I was 41 years old to realize where, and with whom, I really belong. I spend so much time creeping on certain men’s Facebook pages that I have a migraine. I’ve gotten very out of shape this year playing message tag instead of doing my workout and taking care of my body and health. I also spent so much time chasing after the two idiots I thought I belonged with, instead of fighting for the love of my life standing right in front of me. I know where I belong now. His name is Matt, and I’ll tell you more about him next month. Happy Holidays, Nat!

  • Katie Maniaci

    I misspoke earlier. I know it’s a 9 month. It’s been a long year. Again, Happy Holidays!

  • Hayley

    Thank you Nat 🙂 I love you X

  • Lea Centauri

    Nat……it’s always powerful …thank you so much for your guidance and clarity of how we are journeying ….big hug

  • Thank you as always Nat! I’m super excited for 2023 now, I’m a 7 life path and I am so done with a few things from this year that I am already excited and ready to let go this month. Will be signing up to Patreon for sure to make sure I go as deep as possible in preparation. I’ve been so busy helping others build their successful businesses this year I haven’t had time to put the energy into mine and I give away so much of my wisdom for free, that stops now. I have big plans and dreams for next year and I now have at least an inkling of how to make that happen. Thank you! Big hugs x

  • Katie Maniaci

    Me again! I know, I always leave a second comment. I had a realization tonight while chatting with a longtime friend. This friend lives in Alaska, while I live in Michigan. Her 8:00 at night is my midnight. I’m done playing text tag not only with the men in my life, but with her too. She’s a homeschool mom, and I’m tired of being jealous of a 12 year old and a 9 year old because their mom can’t make time for me. Just like I need some physical affection and contact with the men in my life, I need some girl time with my friends. We’re playing a never-ending game of text tag, and she’s it. I’m done begging for attention from someone who insists on living so far away. Thank you for helping me realize that, Nat ?

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