August 2020 Forecast: Send the Transmission NOW

This is the month to wake up, show up and speak up for your dreams.

In this month’s forecast learn:

  • Why this is the month to come out of hiding
  • How a deep, possibly unconscious fear has been keeping you small
  • What successful people know about the 3, that could catapult you to success
  • And the August Numerology Challenge, which will help you send out a transmission to the Universe (and to the 7.4 billion people on the planet) and get results!

The August ‘Send Your Transmission’ Numerology Challenge


  1. Think about what you are wanting to create or manifest. What matters most to you right now? Write it down.
  2. Every morning ask yourself, ‘what would it sound like if I spoke up for and communicated this desire, commitment or dream?’
  3. Turn the idea above into a sentence or script. i.e. ‘I am looking for a partner who…’ or ‘I am wanting a position or job where…’
  4. Speak it out loud. Sometimes you will say it just to yourself and your Creator. But the goal with the challenge is to find an opportunity to actually say it out there in the world; to have someone witness and hear it.

Watch what happens when you send your transmission 30 times this month. Miracles.

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BIG, warm hugs…

P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


16 comments to " August 2020 Forecast: Send the Transmission NOW "

  • Katie

    Hi Nat! Happy August! I’m certainly waking the f*ck up this summer, in many ways. I am all over the Instagram pages of the men I have crushes on, flirting like crazy. I am on my parents’ backs every day about their health and fitness. I’m a 3 Heart’s Desire, 4 Life Path, and 9 Expression Number. I am totally guilty of waiting for someone else to say what I want to say, and I’m trying to break that

    habit this month. I’ve been accused of being a broken record or a “nag,” and it made me stop speaking up. But something clicked this month, and my mom is finally working out with me every day, knowing I need her to stick around for a while. I have to find that “fill in the blank” for finding my perfect partner. Being single is getting old. Maybe getting in better shape will give me some more confidence in that area. Happy August!

  • Elly

    ? love it all. I have really been defending myself lately, really more than ever. Its been really helpful. Im even going back to school for my AA and have already done 2 classes=straight As. I had no idea. I really believed i was dumb. I really did. The wierd thing is the people in my life who i wanted support from in this endevor, are actually annoyed im in school. I have to say ‘sorry I can’t’ and have receieved outright hostility! I realized i had been pleasing these people at my own expense all along and that why they are upset, cause I chose me this time. But it feels really good, and i keep visualizing myself in 4 years bursting open the door of my teachers office with tears in my eyes because I passed the final exam. Im visualizing myself as academic, easily and estatically. …I am smart, hilarious,sexy-the whole package really? and comfortable in my own skin and have a lot to share. Thats my sentence. Thank you for your help. Love your voice.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      I’m so inspired by your journey. It takes so much courage and self belief to go your own way especially when some of our closest loved ones don’t understand yet. I believe in you. You have so much to share. Love your transmission ???

  • Love this and can’t wait to begin!!!!!

  • Yasmin

    Hi Nat I am totally in like every months! ? one question about the challenge… what if you already know who you want to be your partner or what your purpose / Job is? Could the sentence be more specific then or should one still leave space for the universe to maybe surprise you with something you haven’t thought of and not limit it? Thanks and happy August!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Make sure that you are specific enough that if someone was going to go find your desire for you, they would have clarity. I.e ‘I want a life partner’ might change to, ‘I am wanting a partner who is loyal and family oriented who also loves…’

      • Yasmin

        Great thanks! ?? But you wouldn’t say I want Michael to be my life partner or I want to work at xxxx company! So would still leave it open as I understand! Specific but not limiting?!

        • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

          I would say… Specific about your values or general needs. I want a partner who is loyal, etc. I want to work at a company that is making a difference in the world, has benefits and pays me 100k or more a year. There is no right or wrong here. You could get ‘too’ specific but you would learn from it. 😉 I might do an IGTV on this!

  • Kehaulani Haydon

    Thank you Nat for your podcast and all of your direction. I am currently making my way through the Manifesting With Numbers Program as well. I’ve been working on becoming visible and heard, so your August podcast is a bit ironic for me. I have always thought though that I needed to be among the “right” people first in order to be seen and heard, but apparently, I just need to consistently voice my desire to Creator or anyone in the world.. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      So happy you are going through the Manifesting with Numbers Course! And great question. The goal here is to say who you are and what you want – out loud – regardless of whether someone has the capacity or ability to see it or hear it. Does that make sense? Have you ever met someone who was just soooo passionate about something that they didn’t care if others weren’t on the same page? Or someone who was unapologetically themselves, regardless of whether the person on the receiving end agreed with their perspective/opinion/desire/state of being? That is the goal and the practice here. Speak up – and let the Universe do the rest.

  • Kim

    I’m going for ‘I want a body that is healthy and smoking hot’. (I’m in my 60s and getting fatter by the day in lockdown) Immediately after listening to your podcast I sent out a message to a few women I know in similar situations to ask if they’re interested in joining me in a 3 week challenge, set by a leading heath and fitness UK Dr, to lose a stone of covid weight. Got a great response … voiced my intent and now have support in place. Whoop whoop. Thanks Natalie

  • Finished saying aloud my wish to find new home, carefully described, when call came from real estate agent with similar house. Not exactly what I want but proof the universe is listening. Thanks Nat.

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Yay! This makes me so happy! BY THE WAY – for anyone reading, check out Lesley’s website. Wowza.

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