#7: Power & Business Manifestation with 8 Life Path Chris Harding

Some juicy Numerology stuff we cover in this Podcast interview with 8 Life Path Chris Harding: how to break free from the power struggles that keep us from prosperity, an unexpected key to manifesting lasting success in business and what the #8 in Numerology says we MUST include in our goal setting and visualization work to keep the abundance flowing into our lives (even when we get scared!).

About Podcast Guest Christopher Harding

Christopher Harding has been involved in the entertainment and media industries for 20 years. Having started as a songwriter and film score composer, Harding built and ran multiple recording studios and then graduated into producing music television music specials for MTV, ABC, CBS, and others. The artists with whom he and his company worked include U2, Garth Brooks, and Kenny Loggins.

From there Harding became a producer and an executive producer of independent films and television movies for such studios and networks as Disney, CBS, and PBS. He later stepped up to serve as President/General Manager of a Los Angeles-based film, international television, and music production and distribution company. He and his colleagues produced and released a number of highly rated movies and won multiple awards including an Emmy and an Oscar.

The author of numerous books and a business advisor to an impressive list of Fortune 100 companies, Harding serves as the Founder/Senior Consultant for Luminary Communications, whose focus is to help individuals and companies large and small create thriving cultures.

Buy his new book Thriving in Business and Life HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Thriving-Business-LIfe-Christopher-Harding-ebook/dp/B01N5UPEYY

Numerology Chick Shownotes and Extra Details

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