#54: June 2019 Numerology Forecast: Making Space for What You’ve Never Had Before

This month is revolutionary. The Universe is calling you out to STOP doing something, so you can finally manifest what you really want. Listen to the forecast to learn more…

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P.S. What is the emotional habit you are committed to letting go of? Let me know below! Let’s do this together!

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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


26 comments to " #54: June 2019 Numerology Forecast: Making Space for What You’ve Never Had Before "

  • Katie

    Yes. My whole family is like that, and they like it that way. To them, anything exciting usually turns out to be something bad. Boring is safer. I, on the other hand, cannot wait for a new start. I, on the other hand, am all about the “pie in the sky” new beginning. I am, as you said, fed up with the way things are. Gossip is a huge thing my family does, as is dwelling on the negative. My mother wishes she could keep her children five years old forever, protecting us from the big, bad world. She would hate that I have recently forgiven an old friend of mine for something that happened years ago. She hates this person. Hates him. Whereas I want nothing more than to have him back in my life. I’m already doing the “zero” meditation, and it’s done wonders for me. Happy summer, Nat!

  • Lu

    Right on spot. It started few days before the beginning of June…
    It’s a co-existence of binary perceptions…
    going in two opposite direction.
    Mind-Emotions… when negative they are divouring the very beautiful essence hidden beneath.
    3-6-9 is cleansing this negativity…a huge task but it’s slowly happening

  • Priscilla Oehlschlaeger

    Love the Manifesting with Numbers. Listen to the 0 meditation constantly. Thank you so much.

  • Kim

    Brilliant guidance once again. Thank you Nat for sharing your grounded wisdom with us. The new me would take a walk to move your advice from just thoughts in my head to intelligence in my muscle ….. so that’s exactly what I am about to do ❤️

  • Oh my gosh – it’s started already. I had a moment of feeling lonely over the weekend and started feeling sorry for myself and crying, when I felt compelled to turn on the TV – it was the end of the Sex and the City movie where she ends up with Mr. Big. I realized THAT’S gonna happen for me. I will find my guy. I won’t be alone forever. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself! Kicking that lonely/feeling sorry for myself stuff to the curb! 🙂

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Jen – YESSS!!!! Omg do you remember that moment when Charlotte stood up for Carrie after the wedding??? Still brings tears to my eyes. We all need a girlfriend like that. >>> Visualize the YOU who is with your guy – and start pretending to be her. Magic, magic, magic.

  • Elly

    ? I’m ready to stop talking shit about myself. Like not just stop, but actually not believe those bad things about myself. Love you

  • Katie

    Me again. As if I wasn’t long-winded enough in my last comment. I tried to delete it and get straight to my point. I have to point out the part of this that hit home the most. Your point about the emotional habits, about gossiping about the person you’re mad at instead of confronting them, really hit home. I do that a lot. My Facebook friends are sick of my ranting messages. I have also been constantly worrying about the next problem, especially since my surgeries last year and my epilepsy diagnosis. I have an extreme paranoia that everything I do is going to bring on a seizure. I need to just stop freaking out that I’m always sick and enjoy being healthy. Again, have a great June and great summer, Nat!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      Katie! This is so inspiring! When we get clear on where we are holding ourselves back (and we ALL have habits that do) we can step into a new identity. Bravo!

  • Oh Nat, your podcasts always have been inspiring and confirming, but this one really, really hits home. Been feeling this sense of letting go and grieving in my healing horse herd for the last 2 months and finally on June 1, a 1 energy, was birthed a little filly – female- who’s spirit released her body a few hours after arriving. The arrival of this baby had been coming through prophecy but I could never connect to the final outcome of it all…till the day of arrival, when I understood that her arrival meant the completion of a paradigm. I am a 9 life path and a 9 expression number and to say that my life has been about living the full expression, or maybe better put, the full cycle of the 9 in beginnings and endings, would be an understatement. What you gave me with being able to listen, from someone so knowledgable about the way to live the expression of each number… thank you <3 thank you <3 for who you are and what you give us!

  • Brenda Rush


    I have been doing your manifesting with numbers course. It has harmonized by life so much. Thank You!

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      YAY Brenda!!! I’m so happy to hear that! Once you are done activating each number, shoot me off an email and let me know what changes you have noticed. I would be SO excited to hear!

  • Danielle Anjou

    WOW WOW WOW, HOLY MACKEREL NAT!!! AGAIN GENIUS GIRL!!! I listened to this in the beginning of the month and I should have listened every week! So powerful so profound so super super helpful and couldn’t be more accurate. This was a tough month and this reading made sense out of it all, INVALUABLE!!!
    thank you thank you thank you Nat, you earth angel you and I can hardly wait for July
    Much love and appreciation,?

    • Nat @ Nat's Numbers

      DANIELLE you are the sweetest. MWAH. <3 Was a CLEANSING month for sure - and now it's time for that fresh start.

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