#49: March 2019 Numerology Forecast: Joy Takes Care of Business

Can we just talk about… how hard it’s been to maintain your joy? How there’s something that keeps sidetracking you because YOU THINK that you need to fix it before you can have a great life??? Lol. I know. Listen in for more.

P.S. What is something simple you can focus on every day this month to bring you joy? Comment below and let’s brainstorm. <3

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P.S. Theme music: “Gracias” by Milton Arias licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


18 comments to " #49: March 2019 Numerology Forecast: Joy Takes Care of Business "

  • Katie

    I’m committed to getting healthy again, as I spent all of 2018, and 2019 up to this point, being sick and gaining back every pound I spent 2017 busting my ass to lose. I am now heavier than I have ever been, and I hate it. I need a change NOW.

  • Elly

    Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited! I can FEEL it! Thank you so much. I’m gonna notice my happiness ever day and I’m gonna reach out to people with my true heart!!?????????????

  • Andrea Keener

    I’m going to focus on me! I’ve been in the back of my que for too long. First I’m going to give my trainer a run for his money!! Sleep better. Eat better. But most of all…stand and speak in my Power!! And just keep me in a good place. If it’s going to feed my Spirit, I’m doing it! Thanks Nat!

  • Chenin

    I’m making the commitment to share content everyday to help people find balance in their lives what ever that may be?

  • Nataly

    Omggggg yes yes yes yes yes!!! This was soooo perfect thank you! I will be focusing on being creative with my hands making jewelry and outfits again. Something I’ve always only set aside time for as a “hobby”. Yaaaaay! So excited!

  • Kelly

    I’m committed to making this year the start of a brand new life! It’s been tough the last couple of years but the energy has lifted! Nothing but Love and happiness from now on! I FOUND MYSELF AGAIN!! Lifepath 3

  • Releasing the belief that what I want has to entail hard work and striving. Time to be more relaxed, easy and to seek out enjoyment at a basic level.

  • Katie

    I am also focusing on reconnecting with my high school love. He’s always been the one, the guy I compare every other guy to. Even almost marrying someone else didn’t get him out of my system. Question is, do I actually have the cojones to send that Facebook friend request?

  • Poppy

    Thank you Nat…. I didn’t realize how much I Needed Permission to take care of me first. Wow…

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