The #7 in Numerology: Q&A

In honor of this 7 Universal month (in a 7 Universal year!)… we are going to be doing a full-on workshop style episode on the number 7.

If you have this number in your chart (or 2023 has been impactful, powerful, or downright confusing) – THIS is your episode.

I will be answering the most common question that 7’s ask, and revealing all the tips and tricks that I give my private clients so they can thrive and make a bigger impact with this incredible gift at their side.

What I will be covering:

  • The MASSIVE difference between solitude and isolation (and how they each produce a different result for the 7)
  • The 3 reasons that 7’s escape from their true essence and block their success
  • How drugs/self-medicating can or stunt the impact of the 7
  • And the 3 keys to rise into the higher function of the 7, where you are sharing your deep wisdom with the world, and making a meaningful impact (without compromising your need for peace)

Tune in and share with fellow 7’s, so we can have more of you deep, mystic souls out there in the world! We need you!


3 comments to " The #7 in Numerology: Q&A "

  • Elly

    I have been staying with my 7 path mommy for 3 weeks now after her life changing medical event and I needed this more than ever. How does this magic always work out like that? Bewildering beyond belief to me my 7 mommy is, but I thank you for this perspective. I am looking at her with fresh eyes now and I am trying to see her inner hidden shaman of retreat for the beauty that it is and the gift this retreat gave me as a child. The gift of time to play with myself and imagine.

  • Doug

    As a 7 life path and soul urge person, this is the most significant podcast I have ever listened to. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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